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Chapter 1308 - Third Date

In the afternoon, I woke up quickly, freshened up, and ate before going through another session of practice.

After taking a shower, I went to the hospital and returned an hour before the evening. When I returned, I started to move around my quarters, doing nothing.

The date had me all nervous, though everything is good. I am still feeling quite nervous about it; I am a hundred times more nervous about this date than I had been with my first and second date with her.

An hour passed in such nervousness, and evening came before I started to cook; only then did my nerves soothed, and I could concentrate. Like our first date, we are going to have dinner first before going out in the city.

This outpost may be small, but there are many beautiful places that I had not seen. I want to take her to a few of those places tonight.

Ting Ting!

Two and half hour passed before the doorbell rang out, Ive finished with dinner a few minutes ago and is free to open the door with my own hands.


"Welcome," I said as I opened the door and once again got enthralled by her beauty. She is wearing a short bright red A-line dress with a flowy skirt and matching red stilettos, and like always, she kept her shoulder-length strawberry blond hairs layered.

"You look Ravishing," I praised, hearing that smile that appeared on her face. "You always have the best compliments." She said as she came in and gave me a soft peck on the cheeks before entering inside.

"It smelled very good, just smelling it, making me feel like having an orgasm." She said as she walked to the dining table. Two dates with Mira had taught me that she is a very direct person when she opens up.

"Then you will surely like the food," I said and appeared beside her and walked to the dining table, which is filled with dishes; in two and half hour, I had cooked the whole seven-course meal.

We took a seat, and Mira arched her brow, seeing Ashlyn played sprawlingly on the table without care for the world.

She had eaten right after I finished cooking, and I did not lift her from her spot. In her sprawling position, Ashlyn looked so cute that even Mira couldn't help but pet her before she begins eating.

"Thank You for the wonderful dinner Micheal and for vine too." She said as she put down the wine glass. It is one of the wines that were served in the Teachers birthday; Elena and I had swiped a few when no one was looking.

"Let's go; we have so much to see tonight," I said as I took her hand, and a few minutes later, we were out of my apartment, in hand in hand.

Before I know it, its midnight, eversince we have walked out of my quarters, we have been walking around this city, exploring the wonders hidden in it and I have to say, there are many hidden wonders in the city that even the city's net did not tell me.

As we walked around the city, we talked about everything and anything, including our pas

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