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Chapter 1301 - Mission II

"Beautiful!" I muttered as I walked out of the gate; no matter how my times I see it, the forest in pink mist still takes my breath away, its too beautiful.

I continued staring at it for a couple of minutes before entering the forest and flying away when I reached deeper.

In the six days, some of my experiments could be said to have gotten successful results; that now, with the aid of the Rule Bending Power, I could use my soul strength.

Though the range is only a hundred meters, it is fine by me since everyone's soul senses had been suppressed except for mine, and not to forget there is Ashlyn, whose senses through spreading far and wide, she is the best guide anyone could find in the Miasmic Forest.

I hope soon I will be able to use my soul power completly, but till that happen, I have to work with this limited range and take help from Ashlyn to finding the enemy.

My mission is to survey the twenty kilometers range of the Robson Creek, see if there is any change in notified points and kill any Grimm Monsters that I can kill.

Speaking of Grimm Monsters, Ashlyn had informed me she had found a group of peak Princes not far from where I am. I immediately moved toward them, and seeing they are not that special, I directly used my vines on them and killed them.

Ten seconds later, I was happily inspecting sorted loot in my storage. These Grimm Monsters were above average, but they have quite good stuff in with them.

Now that I am forging body with Miasmic Astral Rose, the need for resources has increased again. The stronger I am, the greater resources I will need during my breakthrough, and seeing the rate my body, soul, and energy strengthening under it, the resources I will need will be humongous.

Just thinking about them is making my head hurt. So, I am killing any Grimm Monsters I am coming across and also have permission to Ashlyn to kill as many Grimm Monsters she can, as long as she does it quietly without any humans noticing.

It is my good luck that I am in the Miasmic Forest where all the Grimm Monsters are above average and have storage filled with resources, especially the one Apex Inheritance host I had killed.

That was werewolf had its storages filled to the brim with resources, Ive even found few things which were just level below Miasmic Astral Rose. If I did not have an amazing resource as Miasmic Astral Rose, I would have been using them in my practice.

Three hours passed by, and I reached Robson Creek. I would have reached it soon if not for me stopping to kill Grimm Monsters every few second, in this three hours, I had killed more than hundred Grimm Monsters, all of them were Princes and a huge load of resources in storages.

It is unfortunate that of all the Grimm Monsters Ive killed; not a single one was the Apex Host that I am longing to fight again; those bastards are simply rare even in a place like this.

Not only me, even Ashly

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