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When I arrived at the Training Facility, there were already near three hundred people waiting in the there and had space for another six hundred.

The training facility takes the whole floor, so there is enough space for thousand people to stand, the people kept coming, soon the hall filled with five hundred something people.

The guest speaker hadn't arrived, but I have come to know his details from the people. This time they had invited a Master stage revolver to give guidance.

Not long before the guest speaker came and he also brought another young man with him, who waited below the stage. "Today what I am going to tell you, some of you know this already know and some of you didn't."

"As you form a bond with your monster, you and your monster boded for life. It is a symbiotic relationship where you both get something from each other, monster's get intellect and faster progress and you get it's power's," he said.

What is saying is common knowledge, after forming a bond with the Ashlyn her intelligence had increased due to our telepathic and emotional bond with her and I got her power's.

"Your monster level up and you also level up with it but when you advance in Specialist stage dynamics change a little. In Private stage, you advance also as you put little efforts and give it little time you will advance in Specialist stage."

"The specialist stage is where real practice starts, In specialist stage when you if you have to level up you have to satisfy several conditions first, many of you those in specialist stage must know this and had access to know this information on the web but Private stage don't have access to this information." he continued, I am little intrigue about conditions he mention that Specialist Grade evolvers have to satisfy.

"In Specialist grade your monster form Core of mana which makes him many times stronger than Private stage monster but this is also becoming a problem for you," he said, now I am curious about what he is saying.

"After leveling up to specialist stage your power also increased many times than you were private stage and that became problematic, you sometimes feel pain or soreness or has little difficulty in accessing mana from your mana world." he is saying, a lot of people looked bored, they must know about these things he is speaking about.

"That happened because your body isn't strong enough, your magic veins who carry mana every part of your body are not wide and strong enough to carry out mana and that's where real expense of adventuring life starts. To solve these problems we have to buy various expensive potions to make our body and mana veins stronger and those who can't afford to buy potions and to take medicine to counter this problem," he said.

I am shocked hearing this, I have seen my parents and many people eat medicine and I grew up with the thought that everybody eats it in Specialist grade.

"Today what I am going to tell you Potions and Potions

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