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Only two hours till reinforcements arrive, I have to hold on till then, "Clang clang clang…" I am fighting two monsters simultaneously and Ashlyn also holding back another one.

I have been fighting 18-19 hours and it's taking a heavy toll both on my body and mind, the only thing kept me going is the thought of Reinforcement which said to arrive in two hours.

I am scared for my life. I am scared that, a big group of powerful Monsters will swarm in before reinforcement, I have many dreams and most important I haven't seen my younger sibling yet.

"Slic.." I injure monster on its leg but not able to kill it, being at the Specialist stage they are more intelligent than Private stage monster and can use better teamwork.

"Puchi…" "Fuck yeah!" I shout out as I pierced the head of the monster, effectively killing it.

Seeing their partner dead monsters went to mad and started to attack me in frenzy, It is little hard to counter their frenzied speed as I kept getting injured now and then.

Sparks fly as Monsters nails and my sword collides, countering each other offenses.

"Slice clang" "damn!" I cursed as I fail to kill that monster, just injuring slightly, that monster would have been dead if not for other monster stopped my attack with its nails.

"You fucker's are really egging me." I said and attack to match their frenzy, "shhhh" I sucked a deep breath as red nail rat's nail dug deep into my thigh but there is not time mulling over this as I have Monster's to kill.

The circulating 23rd move of Supreme Combat Exercise, my body's heading ability increased a lot, now whatever injury I receive, it will clot in minutes preventing excessive blood loss.

"Kachac.." "yeah!" I shouted as I cleanly decapitated the monster, leaving behind only one monster to kill, it would take longer to finish it.

Gripping my sword I start to attack the last monster, I want to quickly kill this bastard to provide help to Ashlyn, she was fighting another Specialist stage monster all by herself.

"Thud.." the monster blasted apart by me and hit the tunnel wall, I followed behind to quickly but that slippery bastard quickly got up and countered my attack with his its nails.

It will not alive for much time, "Clang slice" "unh.." I got little startled as Monster cut half by me, I thought the monster will counter my move but it missed and my flaming sword cleanly cut through its middle.

Not wasting any more time, sneakily walk toward Ashlyn who is having a tough time against her opponents, I want to sneak attack on that monster and kill it in a single attack.

I asked Ashlyn to use a big fireball to distract it, she did what I asked her. She summoned the silver fireball of her size and threw it at the monster, "boom" small boom rang out, as smoke was just clearing, "Puchi." I sneakily got behind it and stab it on its a skull, killing it one shot.

'sigh' i sigh looking at my injuries, although they are not fatal but they not h

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