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When Constructing Refinement Engine your Monster partner have to be Integrated into you, The Refinement Engine you construct will also be imprinted into your Monster partner.

In daily practice Monster and human have to be integrated into each other to refine mana.

''Ashlyn comes," I asked her, this time she didn't reveal her arrogant self, she turned into energy and integrated into me.

This is the time to Construct my Refinement Engine, I pick a glass jewelry box from my desk which Mayor had handed down to all students.

I took out small marble from the box and ate it, it will take half an hour to dissolve it into the mold.

I had to browse thousands of Refinement Engine's on the web but none of them fits my criteria, Ashlyn is a low-level Monster whose strain is only Class 2 which only take her to The Private stage, not further than that.

I wanted a Refinement Engine that could help break the Bloodline Strain and help Ashlyn to reach the natural limit of species.

I did find one at last but its concept was completely different than the Refinement Engine of Todays.

If give an example, consider today's Refinement Engines are automatic like coffee machines that we use today you just have to put coffee beans inside it and the coffee maker will process the beans and roast it and grind them mix milk and sugar for you, in this process all you have to is add beans and click a simple button and coffee will be made for you in minutes.

The Refinement Engine I chose is Manual, you have to do all processing, grinding and brewing all yourself it is time-consuming and tiring, but in this Refinement Engine, I have to do all by myself.

The reason I chose this Refinement Engine is that it purifies my energy many times over than normal Refinement Engine that increases more 80% chances Ashlyn breaking through the bloodline strain.

But there are many problems as well, more than 96% of those who chose this Refinement Engine never able breakthrough past Private stage, there are thousands of curses written on the site and also warnings not to construct this Refinement Engine.

Because once construct the Refinement Engine you were hardly able to change into another Engine unless you reach Lieutenant stage it very hard to construct another Refinement Engine.

The highest one had reach using this Refinement Engine is at Master stage, he said it very difficult to operate this Refinement Engine and need strong mental strength.

I don't like to take the risks but I don't want to be mediocre rest of my life, I have dreams. I want to fight in the League of Heroes and want millions of people to cheer for me.

Inside my heart, there is a separate space is formed it mainly called 'Mana World' i don't why. It's empty except in the center of it, is large cloud made of red smoke. if one looked carefully at a minute some specks of smoke always merging inside it every second.

'Mana World' is formed when I and Ashlyn bonded and

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