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"Her boobs are really nice right?" Asked friendly looking guy beside in lost tone, "Yes they are," I said out without thinking. Thank the heavens! I said softly and no one paying attention to us but Micheal didn't know he will see those breast in near future.

"I am billy by the way." He introduced himself as he took a short look at my face before, he again started to stare at Madeline's boobs. "Micheal," I said.

The fight is started to get series, from their fighting it is clearly seen that both of them are using weapon styles, any one of them can easily kill me second even if am circulating the one set Supreme Combat Exercise.

Suddenly there is a change in their battle, big amount of Ghostly Green smoke started to come of Nigel's body and started to solidify into basketball size fist and quickly six basketball size fist which looks like smoke coming out of them.

They started to float around Nigel, it looks like a long time but the whole process finished within seconds.

"Take this!" Nigel shouted as he whirled six solidified Ghostly green fists toward Madeline while the attack coming toward her she Madeline was also preparing for the defense as fist size hexagonal glasses started to materialize in front of her and soon all glass connected and formed a shield in front of her, it all happens so fast that even Micheal barely able to see the Half skills forming.

"Bang bang bang…" as fists started to collide with shields on ofter after another, the ghostly gas fist didn't dissipate after colliding with a shield.

Nigel controls them and attacks with them on Madeline shield over and over, the shocked expression could be is seen on Nigel's face when he saw none of his stories fists able to penetrate her shield.

Madeline's shield held out till that ghostly fist's dissipated, spider cracks had formed all over the shield when that last fist dissipate. "Do you know what those half skills are?" I asked Billy.

"You don't know?" Billy asked back confusingly, just I was about to say that I don't have access to read about them billy cut, "Oh! you must be at the private stage?" he asked I nodded.

Billy didn't ask in a delirious way, he must have thought I must be specialist Grade as most of the tenants are.

"Sorry for that! I didn't know you were at the private stage." Billy apologized, "it's ok." I said, as long as anyone shows it's aura at his own will, no one can get their level especially before the corporal stage, in corporal stage one's since become sharp enough that one can easily guess the level of those below him.

There is law in a republic that we only get access to the information according to our Power Grade. in a private stage, I could only read information that will useful to the private stage evolver. To read higher stage either I have to level up or have to upgrade my access through other means such as Lieutenant Grade evolver can upgrade my access to Corporal level.

"The half skill that Nigel u

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