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Soon the seal had completed forming and it released warm current from it, I felt the warm current energy spreading all over my by, enriching every cell of my body.

I feel so refreshed, feel like all the impurities are being washed away by that gentle current. The most important is that I feel strength raging through my body.

I have merged with power that I got circulating the twenty-fourth move of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

Now I am back to circulating the first move of the Exercise but it will be 2nd sets 1st move and the pain will be more immense than the pain I felt circulating the first set. I still remember earlier when I broke the wall of twenty-fourth levels, the pain it was so immense that leg goes circulating after hitting Bert's head with practice swords hilt.

The only dangerous thing about this process that it took too much mana, it has completely emptied all the mana clouds that were lingering around my Refinement Engine and also taken nearly all the mana that I had in my Central storage leaving behind less than a 5% of it.

When I am fighting Bert and after it, I didn't notice that there was a lot of crowds watching me and Bert fight, when I opened me I see more than a hundred people looking toward me and discussing something, the interesting thing I keep hearing 'Rookie crusher got crushed' many of them as they looked at the still unconscious Bert.

''Good Fight! You really crushed the Rookie crusher." Said a boy, hearing this all people started to laugh, many people started to praise me for winning the fight, I just smiled at them and started to walk toward the door.

Suddenly the training hall becomes silent when I looked to see the reason for silence. It is the man in his early forties, who is walking towards Bert, he lifted Bert on his shoulder and started to walk back toward the elevator, but he suddenly stopped, "Good fight!" he said with a small smile but his eyes were scary.

His face was all smile but his eyes had anger, I could clearly see it. ''Who is he?" I asked the group of youths. ''He is Bert's father and also superintendent of the building." He said I got little-startled after that but then shrug off, he would be that petty to harm just because I defeated his son in the fight.

"Be careful, Bert had an elder brother who is very petty," he said, even if his brother in specialist what he can do, he can't blatantly beat me in the building without cause and outside of the building, he won't have guts to do that because the city had very strict rules against violence in the city.

"You don't have to worry though, he left on the mission, he will not return in a month," said another young man, he clearly hinting me that I can easily change apartment in that time.

"Thank for the advice," I said to them and walk to the elevator, I will not change my apartment because of the fear of his brother and father if worst come c

Worst, I'll endure it till I enough power to fight back.

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