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I ordered the Hovercar through my Holowatch, it didn't take it long to arrive, I quickly too a sit in the back, ''Drive slowest as possible." I commanded the car.

It is a fully automatic laced with voice command, it will do as it rider required as long as commanded.

Car's speed slowed down as it possibly could according to the rule.

At normal speed, it would have taken the car to one hour to reach my new apartment but now I order it to slow down it would take little less than two hours.

I have ordered it to slow down to see the scenery of the city.

The hospital is at the outer ring of the city, what I seeing now is only scenery of the outer ring, I wonder how middle and central ring would. I will sightsee it when I have enough time.

Westblood city looked majestic as it seen on the web, with gigantic skyscrapers filling the sky so its crowded streets and I can see gigantic barrier made of force field, an immense amount of energy must need to run that barrier.

The city has life in it itself that kept people going, it is completely different from the small town I've come from where only peace and tranquility and occasionally have some excitement.

"Chu.." I felt and Ashlyn comes out of me, "chu chu chu" she called out, she is saying she is feeling hungry.

She is inside me for four days resting, she also got injured and was fatigued due to constant fighting but after resting she is now feeling really hungry.

I remove the packet of Specialist Grade monster food and give it to her, she started eating quickly and finished within minutes. "Chu!" she called out again for more food as she was still feeling hungry, I was startled but then understand after she leveled up her diet also had increased.

I took out another packet and give it to her, I have to admit ashlyn is a glutton. What she is now eating is her parent's death who are the whole grade above her but she who is a whole grade below is eating their diet.

After eating she flew on my shoulder to watch the scenery of the outside.

I have come to the Westblood city with no plan but one dream, that I have to reach Master stage minimum in five years, One Grade for each year to participate in the League of Heroes.

Now that I reach the Westblood city, I am one step closer to reaching my dream, I just have to fight and progress as long you as never stops fighting you will never stop progressing.

Soon we reach the building where my apartment has. The building has sixty-seven-story tall has fifteen Training facilities and five swimming pool, three cafeterias and Garden on the roof to relax.

All the apartments in the building are studio apartments, this building specially designed for the adventurers to live.

Most adventurers do not need large space, what they need is good training facilities for them to train and good cafeteria which have good and some facilities of entertainment as long as these things a building could provide these, they wi

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