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"Chu Chu Chu" Ashlyn stood on the skull of dead monster and cried out arrogantly with her head high after she leveled up her attack got stronger, especially due her mana purity has reached 59%.

She really cooked all monster's alive, it is a good thing because I need a lot of hearts because I am completely drained, Ashlyn's leveling up taken more than 80% of my mana.

"Ashlyn, from now on attack only those who come me." I said, wildly killing monsters will not do, she has to conserve some mana when the need arises, "chu chu" she despondently, she also wants to test her power on new targets.

After killing monster all the monster's near me I started to remove the hearts and started eating them before the next wave of monster's come, this time i also twenty hearts just like before but this time chances of being bloating and exploding due to excessive mana is really because I leveled up and my getting stronger by second as I am circulating the fifteenth move of Supreme Combat Exercise.

I started to absorb the mana cloud into the engine as I am running dangerously low on mana, I wouldn't take long, in this life and death environment, in little over one-hour central storage will more than 80% will be filled.

It's been fifteen hours, I have been fighting the battle, in my whole life I've never stayed this long while holding them, I am so tired if a pillow touched against my head, I will fell asleep standing.

But I am shocked by some people's resistance who had been fightng without rest and has not changed in these people performance, I've asked him for the reason.

He said that most of the people who are are fighting are mostly from the Westblood city, westblood city experience horde two to three times year, even today Westblood city is fighting the horde if not reinforcement would have already had come from Westblood city.

"Tatttataata" new wave of the monster's come "slice .." I sliced across monster's, "these bastard are kept increasing, Jim are there any news of reinforcements?" I asked, there are more and more monster's kept coming, even Jim run out of his little mana potion and had to eat monster's meat.

"No, there is no news yet," he said, we either have to hold till reinforcements arrive or kill all the monster's but that likely happens as the monster's kept coming.

Killing all the monster in front of Jim had started to collect the heart from the monster's, after collecting sufficient hearts he removes the vial from his backpack and sprinkles its liquid on the heart's, smoke started to come out of them and their color changed from blood red to light red.

After all, smoke is evaporated, Jim started to eat the hearts of the counter's cleanly without dirting his mouth. that liquid he sprinkled on the heart must be some digestive liquid which helped to digest monster meat easy, he had been doing this ever since his mana potions run dry. this seems to work for him as there is no sign which tells he is runnin

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