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The mall has total eighteen floors and sells everything from Magical Artifacts to Home Appliances.

This is my first time to enter the mall, it is big as I expected to line with various Brand's storefront.

I first walk into the Clothing section, I am in really needs of cloths both everywhere and for adventuring.

I chose the cloths which are currently in fashion, the adventuring and training suits really cost me a pretty penny and not only clothes I also brought all the accessories as well such shoes, gloves etc.

After selecting clothes, I walk toward the adventuring department from which I brought necessary things which are required for adventuring outside such as backpack, camps and preservation boxes which require to store the monster's material.

The preservation boxes are really special, they are just thumb size but they can expand to the size of the half-meter cube.

Now I have to buy the most important things that are Potions and Medical Supplies which are on the thirteenth floor.

When I enter the floor potions section, I am quite enthralled by glittery bottles of the Potions, there are hundreds of type of them if not thousands.

I have never much read about the potions on the web but when I saw the price these thumb-size colorful bottles, I so shocked that I nearly fall flat on my ass.

The average price of this bottle is ten thousand credit. The Potion with the lowest price cost three thousand five hundred credit and that potion is Grade 1 low-level Mana supplement potion or simply know as mana potion which used by Lv.1 Private Grade evolvers.

This is the potion which Jim drank during the battle to supplement his dried mana, this also the potion I came here for.

Just that the potion I brought is Grade 1 mid-level potion which costs six thousand credit, I brought three of them costing me eighteen thousand credit.

I had the wish to buy healing potion but seeing it's the price of twenty thousand credits, I decided to buy the ointment.

I brought many miscellaneous things after that such as Ashlyn's comb, bandages etc.

The total shopping I spend a whopping thirty-two thousand credits, the most expensive single thing is my backpack. It cost me whopping seven thousand credits but seeing it's a function I thought it's totally worth it.

Its sleek black in color, it can endure the attack of Specialist stage, the most important thing about this backpack that it is semi-automated.

During the battle, if need anything from the backpack I just need to say it with my voice and it will automatically provide me without the need of me opening it.

It is a very good function which prompted me to buy it, despite its high price, it is the lowest price backpack in the semi-automatic range of the backpacks.

All the things I have to buy I brought it, even if I forgot something I can order it from the web and it would be delivered in a few minutes.

In my apartment sitting on the bed, I check t

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