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"Shink" My sword stab at its chest and it stops as it's life bar is completely drained.

I've bee fighting with this lv. 3 Private grade android for last twenty minutes and finally defeated it when I am using the thirteenth move of the Exercise.

The android walks back to its a place and just stand there, it was a good fight as it forced me to circulate the thirteenth move of the exercise. it feels good as I also refining my mana as I am fighting with and infighting Mana Refinement Engine operation even faster.

I decide to upgrade its fighting power to Lv. 1 Specialist stage, I want to test how the power of Specialist grade android.

"Start!" "Clang thud.." I blasted backward but fortunately, I didn't collide to hard with the wall as air blasts from the wall soften the thud. "I am such an idiot!" I said I started to Specialist Stage while still circulating the thirteenth move of Exercise.

I stand up and started to circulate move of the exercise till eighteenth. "Clang clang clang thud…" our swords collide by force I started to takes a step back by force, looks like the eighteenth move would not be enough.

After Circulating nineteenth and the twentieth move did I able to stop my steps. I am quite enjoying the fight, in this fight, there is no life and death fear, I can analyze and refine my moves without worries.

I started to try different sword moves that I learned in school, what I am using now is simple sword moves and there are no overly complicated managers just ten moves comprising of attack and defense.

Jim said I should take some advance sword classes, he can tell the sword style I am using is a foundational technique which used build one's foundation in using sword not fighting opponents.

Learning advanced weapon styles are necessary if I knew some styles I would need a lot fewer energy fights and my attacks become more lethal.

Using Weapon style there is no mana utilization involved, they are just efficient and clean moves of weapons, not like a skill that need specific route of mana utilization to create maximum power in either offense and defense.

Learning a good weapon style expensive, to learn average weapon style cost

"Clang" our sword collide and we both back down, I am currently circulating the twenty-first move of Supreme Combat Exercise.

With it, I am a standstill with the android, we have been fighting like this for an hour but there is no result of who will win.

''Clang clang clang…" I swing my sword directly towards its neck but I thwarted. Being android its coordination is flawless with no waste of the energy.

Compare to it, I felt I am a little rough. My moves aren't refined enough and I waste energy in some useless move.

I do that not because I am doing it wrong, or there is the fault in my sword style, it's just a question of the experience, I don't have any experience in the combat, except for battle in the tunnel.

To have smooth moves, one has to have ex

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