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"Ashlyn, just sleep.," I said to the Silver Colored Sparrow who is gazing outside the window standing on the action figure Elisabeth Collins, which looked like a girl with eagle wings behind her back and crown of white eagle feathers on her head, she looks really valiant.

Tomorrow is an important day for me and Ashlyn, tomorrow is the day when I and Ashlyn will perform the bonding ceremony.

Ashlyn is the Mutated Grey Spark Sparrow breed, This breed of a sparrow usually Grey colored with light brown color on their wings and there is always fire spark on their wings, that is why their breed is known as Grey Spark Sparrow, they are also one of the most common Monster species in the world.

But Ashlyn is born Mutated, her whole body is Shiny Silver and she had a Silver colored fire which she can throw from her mouth at her will.

From the moment she was born, she was different from all her siblings, her nature completely different from Silver Spark Sparrows who are known for their mild temperament and friendliness.

She Is aggressive and indifferent, all her sibling become completely afraid even to play with her.

She was with me from the day she was born, she is five months old now and nearly a palm size chubby sparrow, all the Silver Spark Sparrows are about palm size when they are at Private stage, only if they evolve to the Specialist stage then sparrow's size would change.

Feeling bored or maybe sleepy, she flies and landed on my shoulder, then she walks into blanked and sleeps on my chest snuggling into the blanket, she never slept in on her own bed which is on the table.

I petted her shiny silver colored fur as she slept contently on my chest, She is cute chubby sparrow who acted arrogantly all day, never let anyone pet her except for family and had her own taste on the food.

'Chu chu..' i wake up by the by the sound of Ashlyn's beak touching my face, I opened me to see her tiny self standing in front of my face proudly with a haughty face.

''Good Morning to you to Ashlyn" I said as I woke up, I petted her lovingly, she started to rub her face against my hand gently.

Sometimes later as if knowing it is enough petting she moved away from my hand and went back to her arrogant self.

I freshen up, take bath and came back to my bedroom, Ashlyn still in her usual place by the window watching the lake from it.

I remove Ashlyn's brush and called her, "Ashlyn come?" I said waving brush toward her, seeing the brush, she readily comes to lap.

This is one of her favorite activities in the day, with the brush I massaged and comb her fur as she sighed in content in my lap.

Doing this for ten minutes, I kept the brush back into the table, Ashlyn did not linger long as she flew away towards the kitchen as it was time for her lunch, I also followed behind her for breakfast.

On the breakfast table, there already two people and two big Grey Spark Sparrows, three times the size of Ashlyn eating.


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