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I got little startled by Shawn's advise, I had thought that mana crystals were one of the practice resources but Shawn said it will be detrimental to practice, I was little disappointed but soon my expression turned very happy.

Shawn giving advise about mana crystals means, there is a possibility of having some mana crystals in a pouch in my hand.

I opened the Skill folder first because I want to check skill above all, Blazing Strikes is the skill which throws the concentrated bolts of fire, the more concentrated fire is the more lethal it will become.

As I keep reading it's a description, my expression morphed in utter shock, this skill is too powerful. As long as I get basic mastery over it, I don't think any leftovers in westblood will be my match, either from the government or organization, only those who have skill comparable to Blazing Strikes will be matched for me in the same realm.

And this is only low-level Knight grade skill, I wonder how powerful medium and high-level knight skills are but I am sure about the one thing, the skills that Shawn and his friends use are only low-level skill because medium and high-level knight skill has a very high requirement that even Shawn cant able satisfy at Private Grade.

The only prerequisite of this skill is that your mana has to be 80% minimum, my mana will reach that purity will in a few days.

My hand is shaking a little bit excited as I look at the pouch, the white in color with white runes drawn all over it.

I was shocked when looked inside the pouch, it had about one-meter cubic space but that's not what shocked, what shocked me most is the things inside it.

There are sword hilt, a silver bracelet which looked quite stylish, one potion bottle and five thumbnail size colorless crystals.

They are mana crystals, they looked like coins made of crystals and top of them is the same logo I've seen on the clothing of central continents youth.

A five petals Red jasmines, this seemed to be the logo of their organization.

The pouch size can be adjusted, it can be made big as my arm and small as the current palm size.

As I remove the sword hilt from the pouch, I saw Rhea also doing the same.

The sword did not look as normal sword hilt but did not look that special, if someone looked at it, he would only give second glance before forgetting about it.

It's less noticeable than Shawn and Jim were using, I feel happy seeing that as I could use outside without noticed being special.

I only hope this sword would suit me, if it turned in broad sword or long sword, then it would be quite troublesome.

"Uhn!" I startled because when I input my mana into it, I come to know that I can manipulate its size, I can turn to scimitar or falchion any sword I want or completely different sword which suitable for me.

I have heard this type of size manipulating artifacts exist but never seen with my eyes.

Rhea had also manipulated her sword size, it is a

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