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We greeted with bright sunlight after coming out of the cave, I have to shield my eyes for a while to let them adjust to the light.

"We will follow your plan of the searching outskirt of the forest, it is the very good and safe plan," she said, when I told her about my plan searching the only outskirt of the forest, she accepted without any objection.

"It will be very, with you here," I said, I really meat it when I said it. In the outskirt of the forest, there are only private and specialist grade monsters and she is being at the peak of specialist grade, very few specialist grades could harm her.

Even if we come across Corporal grade monster, I will have a minute chance of survival because of her, that is what I am most happy about.

"Ashlyn, don't eat unknown fruits!" I admonished Ashlyn, this palm-size chubby monster really glutton, this is her third time today eating unknown things.

She never listened to me, especially when it comes to food, it hadn't been more than two hours since she ate lunch and she is still eating hungrily.

I heard many people got poisoned or dead by eating unknown in the forest but I don't want something happened to her, there no hospitals here nor did I have anti-poison potions, she will be in quite a dire state if she as something poisonous.

''Chew chew!" She chirped in defiance and ate another berry while looking at me.

"haha! This little birdy of yours is quite a glutton," said Rhea as she laughs seeing Ashlyn antics.

"Yeah, she loves to eat!" I said even rheas panda monster who is quite big is not as glutton as Ashlyn as stone pandas are known to be gluttonous.

We talked as we were walking, I come to know many things about rhea, she one and a half year older than me and also come from a small town like me.

I notice some sadness as she talked about her home town, I think she also misses it.

She said that she reaches a peak of specialist grade one year ago and trying to level up Corporal grade many times but failed.

I felt sad hearing this because of my condition worst than her, Ashlyn is only had class 2 strain, forget about the corporal grade, even leveling up to Specialist grade will be difficult for me.

The only solace I have that Ashlyn is mutated grey spark sparrow and despite her being having class 2 strain but being mutated will help level up quicker than her peers.

As we were walking, we saw something that stopped us on our track.

I didn't think we will discover the dead person before alive one. It looks too male from what left. it was already eaten by the monsters, all that left of the body was little flesh and broken bones, it was quite a gruesome scene to see.

I shuddered to see this scene, I didn't think I will find dead before finding someone alive, especially at the outskirts, as long as one is little careful, one can stay alive at outskirt despite being at Private grade.

Either he must have not careful enough or has the bad luck

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