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As our lips separate, a small string of saliva formed between, seeing this made me more excited that my lips went for her but she stopped with her hands my chest.

Her cheeks are red and I can sense the blazing passion in her emotions but I know she will stop me if I made further moves despite her being high on emotions.

Her seductive smile back on her face and there is something more in that smile, a meaning of triumph and victory.

I again fell into her trap despite knowing it is a trap and I will do it again.

"Sweety, you got your price but you haven't paid you for it yet? tell you what, if you answer a few of my questions, I will not stop you doing what you're doing earlier." Sarah said with a sweet smile.

My eyes went wide and my heart started to beat faster when I heard her saying that, she will not me? how many times did I dream about it, in the past few months?

To feel her amorous body with my hand without any restriction, how many times had I dreamed about this moment.

But I soon I came to myself and looked at her she still has a seductive smile on her face, we were so close that we can feel each other's breaths.

"Sweety, you asked your bumpkin friend for tips haven't you? Don't you want to share those with your Girlfriend?" she said with an innocent smile.

Now I understand why she initiated the kiss and even let me do the second base and even promised for more, so this is the reason. If she had asked me before making out, I would have rejected but now I had made out with her and my emotions are raging, she knew I will answer any of her questions with such enchanting offer she had made.

We both made a pact with our monster about a month ago and Sarah started practicing supreme combat exercise from the next hour as all the elites of big organizations do.

Within twenty days she had created her first seal, leaving behind all elites of other organizations but as she started second set of the exercise, she can't seem to go further in the first move of the second set of the exercise even using machines and various potions that elevates more than half of the pain.

well, she is already quite ahead of her peers but she shows she is nothing close to those on the mainland and that's vexing her for the past week.

And today she met Michael who she treated like nobody is way ahead of her and he hadn't used machines or any potions who left her behind while using less time than her.

Her pride is taken a blow seeing that, she wanted to ask Michael for tips but her pride wouldn't let her do that as she always thought and still think that she is above free adventures.

I also in dilemma to tell her or not, Michael did trust me greatly giving me his precious tips, I don't want to betray his trust like that.

"Don't fret over it, if it handnt been for you, he wouldn't be alive today," said Sarah, what is said right if it hadn't been from me he and other in tunnels two weeks ago.

When an accide

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