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"Bang Bang!" I heard loud noises behind me, when I looked back I saw Shawn and his teammates are attacking monsters.

I can't see clearly how many monsters died but they keep coming out of caves as there has been a large cloud of dust at the entrance but Shawn and friend keep attacking and drinking a mana potion.

I could hear faint sounds from afar, Carol and her team also fighting the monsters like Shawn.

"Grrrrr! Grrr!" "Bang bang bang!" loud cries of monster and attacks from the show's team is grating my ears.

Soon smoke cleared and I can see four bodies were lying in the ground but three giant earthworm monsters were moving toward Shawn and his two teammates.

From their size and aura, they are definitely Corporal stage monster but Shawn did not seem flustered seeing them and attacked them at his own will.

Although those three monsters looked fatally injured, they are not and only their outer defense is broken.

They started to fight in wild abandon, seeing the fight, I shook internally. It did not look to fight between Private grade and Corporal grade but Corporal grade Versace Corporal grade.

The fight is going for half an hour but there is no clear winner on the surface but I can tell that those three Corporal level monsters not going to survive more than half an hour.

The fight would have finished in the first twenty minutes if not for monsters ability to burrow into the ground from time to time.

I started to feel faint vibration under my feet but I didn't think much, assuming they were just the vibration created by the fight but I was so wrong.

''Bang!" ''Grrr!" An earthworm monster comes out ground not far from me and started to cry out in its grating voice.

It stalled for a while as if since the environment and then suddenly it comes toward me making that uncomfortable notice.

It is small compared to monsters that Shawn and team fighting but it could still eat me whole easily.

I thought of running but there is no use as this is mid-level Specialist grade monster, in the cave I successfully able to run away from Corporal grade monster because space was narrow and it wasn't able to chase me at its full speed but here is different.

I activated my sword, armor, and shoes while still circulating the 20th move of exercise.

I know, I am not its match right now but I just have stalled it for while as Shawn finished his fight and save me.

Fuck! I hit myself hard feeling ashamed, since when I became such loser that I want others to save me and especially from those who are lower grade than me.

''Ahhh!" I screamed loud and run toward the monster to attack it, no matter how powerful this monster is, if not kill it, I will at least injure it for my pride.

I run toward it with all my speed, by making a momentum, I wanted to make my strongest at

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