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I was woken by Rhea four hours later for the watch, I washed my face with cold water to wake myself from the half-awake state.

There are still a few hours till dawn, I decided to study the skill to pass the time.

Blazing strikes is really amazing skill, first I thought it would just like throwing concentrated fire arrows through certain method but I was wrong.

This skill much more than that, as I kept studying it, I have come to know the true value of this skill.

If I am able to successfully mastered this skill to the end, my mana manipulation will reach a completely different level.

The swirling fireballs which are still taking me second to contract will be made by with the thought. With absolute mastery over this skill, I will be able to deliver thousands of blazing arrows every moment which will be comparable to High-level Knight level skill.

hours passed by as I got immersed in studying the skill, I didn't even notice when the sky is brightening, I only come out my immersion when I felt movement beside me.

It is Rhea who had woken up, nodding toward me, she left to freshen up. I closed the folder seeing studies enough.

Ashlyn still hasn't woken up, this glutton really ate a lot last night, she asked for the second plate after she finished her first and now she will wake up late because she overate.

I quickly freshen up seeing, there is only an hour before the time of leaving. When I went outside the camp, I found that chubby Andrew is already cooking the food and Rhea is talking to Neil, asking him about monsters they encountered in the valley.

"Good Morning!" said chubby Andrew, I reciprocate his greeting and sit beside him to watch him cook.

Andrew is a really good cook, his food comparable to which I get in my apartment, he had all types of cooking instruments, condiments, and spices for cooking.

When I asked him yesterday how did he learn such good cooking, he said he had taken classes, I got a quite surprised hearing that. Adventurers rarely learned anything other than combat-related classes.

Tasting his cooking, I also decided to take weekly cooking classes after I got out of this realm. Soon Andrew finished cooking and started to make plates.

Seeing Ashlyn still hasn't come out the tent, "Excuse me, ill bring Ashlyn." I said and walk back into my camp to wake up Ashley.

"Ashlyn wake up!" I said while shaking her awake, "Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped annoyedly, asking why do I waking up her so early.

I stilled suddenly! isn't her emotion way too clear, ever since she leveled up to specialist grade, her intelligence increased by far compare to normal specialist grade monsters?

Normally any specialist grade bonded monsters intelligence could be compared two years child and it increased as time passed or it leveled up but Ashlyn intelligence is currently compared to the three years child and only Corporal grade bonded monsters have the intelligence of a three-year-old child

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