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When I entered the building, I was greeted by the large lobby, it is very big, more than five times bigger than lobby in my building.

People could be seen entering and exiting from the rows of elevators and tens of projection screen are showing information on each floor and services it offers.

The projector screens are showing the services the training center is offering, I was a little shocked seeing the list of them.

Aside from advanced combat classes, it also has a gravity room, gravity training, monster battle etc.

Curiously I checked the rates of services, seeing the rates my eyes went wide.

Advance combat styles are one of the cheapest one's whilst gravity training and monsters battle is one of the expensive, I've heard that these courses help a lot in increasing one's power but they too expensive.

Aderson training center is one mediocre one, there are many high-end training centers in middle and central ring but they are too expensive for me to consider.

There is still half an hour till my class starts, I decided to wait beside the class than the lobby.

I got out elevator on the sixth floor, this where my class is. when I reach my class, I saw fifty-something people already there waiting for the present class to end.

There is a big glass which separates the class from the waiting area, My expression turned quite funny when I look hundred something people performing extremely weird moves.

Not all people are doing that, only half of then while other another half just huffing their breaths, they looked like they have run hundred km race and just resting and some ten or so people are laid unmoving on their mats, they look they're unconscious and there is any in looking instructor who seemed to shout those who were not performing and he even kicked the one who looked unconscious.

"Is this night blade class?" i said, I am really confused, I thought I will see people swinging their blades in different style or two people sparring on teachers induction but here I see people with no practice weapon on side performing weird exercise while teacher shouting and kicking them, it is really out of my expectations.

"Yes, it is night blade class, this class is fifteen days ahead of us," he said, it really is our class, I would if would able to perform such exercise.

as time passes more and people unable to keep up with exercise, some people even fell unconscious, after some shouting and kicking some people did the class end and by the end of the class, only nineteen people were able to perform till last.

All people from the previous batch exited the hall and we entered as hall become empty, there are still fifteen minutes till class starts, the teacher seems nowhere, seeing another door he must have left through it.

I hope we didn't get the same teacher as the previous class, I don't want to shout or kicked in front of all these people.

All people took their places, there are about a hundred

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