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It took me twenty minutes to get a cab from my apartment and have to wait more than an hour at miasta bazaar before I could get the second cab for Green Hills.

the cab had charged me four times more than normal fare, looks like these day cab companies going to earn a shit load of money.

As I am flying in the hovercar, I see thousands of hovercars every second in the route of Green Hills, usually seeing hundreds are very rare.

Green Hills is not part of miasta forest, it is a different area which has a chain of small and big hills.

It is a low danger area, only specialist grade monsters were found there and rarely any corporal level monster was found there and that is why there are hundreds of small towns are around the green hills.

It would take car little more than three hours to reach the green hills, not wasting any time in the ride I decided to view the information that Jim had to send me.

Earlier at my apartment building, I just viewed it on the surface but now that I carefully read it it is quite detailed.

Aside from mentioning safe areas and the areas which are occupied government and various organizations he also mentioned the areas where most fortune and found.

They found precious ores, exotic monsters, and mana gems, people have been going crazy over mana gems, a thumb size mana gem had been selling for millions of credits.

It is written here that there is some kind of spatial disturbance over green hills and only Corporal level or below evolver can venture inside.

Many sergeant grades, master grade, and other high-level evolver's tried to venture inside but most of them were cut by spatial tides, only those below corporal level can remain unaffected by it.

But spatial tides were least of their worries, many dangerous monsters said have come out spatial passageways, it said some of the monsters are completely different from those that are found in the continent.

These peculiar monsters are very dangerous and attack at first sight, that not a bad thing, the bad thing is that they re extremely dangerous and same level developers are no match for them.

And disturbingly many of revolvers are disappearing every second, Jim said that some kind of unstable space realm had coincided with the space of green hills and the disappeared once are probably accidentally entered this space realm.

Space realms are not a new thing, I've heard of them, there are many space realms across the republic but all of them in control of government and organizations and only their elites can train there.

There are many types of space realms, they appear and disappear at specific time cycle, some are stable that they are always opened and some like this one that opened on the green hills unstable and dangerous.

Still, many people go there despite a high chance of dying, it is all because of fortune because once they have stuck rich they can easily retire and live off their life spending that fortune.

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