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"Tring! Tring!" I woken up by the sound of the alarm, I woke up by the sound of the alarm.

Just as I woke up, I quickly checked my right pocket, I sighed relief seeing my space pocket is still there.

It was not the dream! I said to myself, the events of yesterday were really quite unbelievable that made me think if it weren't all the dream.

There is only faint light coming from the sky, there is still time to dawn fully broke through.

Rhea had already woken up and making food with Ashlyn help, I got quite surprised seeing that as till now only I was cooking.

All the spices that I had brought with me are used in the cooking food and the only salt had but it will last for three days at maximum.

By the time I had to freshen up, the outside had become visible but Rhea and Ashlyn are still cooking the hog on fire.

Yesterday when we were looking for the camp we come across peak Specialist grade hog which Rhea killed quickly with the help new knight grade shoes and sword.

With the help of those two Knight grade artifacts Rhea's power has more than doubled, now she can peak Specialist grade monsters within five minutes.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped in pride while providing the fire for Rheas cooking.

"I thought I should cook today and your little birdy offered to help, them who I am to refuse to help!" said Rhea, "Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped again but this time she asking for praise.

"Ashlyn is such good girl!" I said as I patted her feathers, she again chirped in happiness before coming back to her indifferent self.

In fifteen minutes the hog is fully cooked, as I take a bite of the meat, I found it surprisingly tasty and itis only cooked with salt.

"It's really tasty!" I praised Rhea while eating, "Thanks, I learned it in passing," she replied after we finished eating we pack the leftover food for the night, seeing how much food is left, I don't think we will have to cook in the night.

"We didn't cover much distance yesterday," Rhea said as she looked at the map, I nodded yesterday we were busy doing the job for Shawn and Carol and didn't walk much toward our destination.

"We will have to two days, at most three to reach that lake, hopefully, we will find some people there," Rhea said.

"We will definitely," I said, going home is a most important thing, this realm is good for practice but as long as we didn't find a secure way for home there always be uncertainty in our heart that will drive us to madness.

We started walking like always while killing the monsters that come into our way, our enthusiasm is high due to the fortune we made yesterday.

There is only one dangerous spot on the way to the lake that is a small valley. we will have to cross that valley to reach the lake.

The valley is dangerous but we have to cross because if we walk around the valley, it will take us near a week to reach the lake and we can't afford to lose that much time.

I have been pushing my Refin

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