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After we finished eating, I pack the camp and started our journey towards the small lake.

That is the perfect spot for any large group to stay as it is abundant in everything.

The one good thing happen to me yesterday afternoon that my mana had reached 75% purity, after 65%, every increase in mana became very difficult, my mana purity reached this high only because I entered in this space realm.

I am just happy that my mana purity had reached 75%, those who have 75% percent mana purity are considered elite in the republic because very few could make their mana this pure.

I thought it would take me near week reach at least one week but It happened in three days.

But soon the scene of three Private grade evolvers killing Corporal level monsters appeared in my mind and I became sober from my happiness.

In front of them, I am nothing, any one of them can kill me with a single move and seeing the power of their skills, I am sure their mana purity must be 90% percent or above.

"Rustle!" we heard the rustle of leaves and soon pure white python appears in front of us.

It is about four meters in length and wide enough that its mouth can easily bite my head off.

I took a step back, as usual, sensing its aura which is the peak of Specialist Grade like Rhea.

While walking toward the monster she activated her great sword and also summoned her panda monster.

Her greatsword is only one meter in length but it is wide my palm, I got quite startled when I saw her weapon of choice, girls normally used swords and knives and very used other weapons.

It is a perfect weapon for her as she had no specific power except for enhancement in defense and strength.

She and her panda monster both attacked the white python same time, it got little startled first but didge both attacks smooths.

In the past two days, we come across many monsters, Private Grade will be handled by me and Specialist grade by Rhea.

This why python is unusually fast, I am not worried though, I know rhea is much stronger than she is showing.

The python craftily tried to spray poison on her but rhea countered it with her broad sword expertly as there was no way to dodge.

''Bam!" Python monster hit panda's paw, python had overlooked the panda looking at its slowness but this panda nimbly sneaks beside it and attacked with the paw.

The snake had controlled itself mid-air and dodge Rhea's sword which was coming from the behind.

As the battle raged on python got hit many times but did not get seriously injured.

Its been only fifteen minutes seen fight had and would be over in ten minutes, she has been holding back till now to find if this monster has hidden ability, once she is sure that monster had used all its ability, she will attack it with her full might.

''Unh" I got quite surprised seeing when that white python had suddenly increased its speed and attacked rhea.

She was startled but she barely able to survive tha

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