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"Chew Chew!"

I woke up by Ashlyn's pleasant chirp when I looked at the time it is already past nine.

Yesterday was really fulfilling especially leveling up, it was really unexpected, I thought it would take one or two days more but she just leveled up at night.

"Chew chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped, saying she is hungry and she wants food right now.

I ordered food both of us and went for freshening up, just as I got out from the bathroom my doorbell rang.

I took our food from the drone and we both started to eat, I am also feeling hungry as I also leveled up with her.

I have a hundred and fifty thousand credit and it is enough to pay for the first installment of advance combat styles.

I have seen yesterday, how Sarah fights, she makes use of her body's every part, her every moment she makes is precise without making any excessive moves.

From my point of view, her fighting style is simply perfect, she must be learning advance fighting style for years to get such mastery on it.

Thinking is the time that I also should learn some advanced fighting style, I started to browse the web.

There are hundreds of types of advanced combat styles are taught in the city but finding one that suits me and the one I can afford is very difficult.

My searching criteria for the styles which are government certifies at highest grade.

Many people regret choosing uncertified courses just because they are cheap and promised guaranteed enhancement in combat.

I was astonished when I learned how many people fell for it even I might have fallen into it if not for I warned by many people.

Well, they did offer their courses three times cheaper than certified courses, any normal man would think why do I have to pay three times more just because its certified by the government.

The minimum price of courses starts from two hundred and fifty thousand credits and highest reach till one million which is enough to buy two half skills.

There are many specialties of advanced combat styles, some are good for offense while some are good for defense or speed or agility.

Of all these styles many are used by famous people which are tended to be popular and are most expensive.

As I research these popular styles, I noticed that more seventy percent focused on the balance of offense and defense, which are suited most of the people while remaining twenty-five percent focused on pure offense or defense and rest five percent focused on the speed, stealth etc.

from my limited experience of fighting, I had clearly understood my weakness.

In the fights many times I feel that I haven't used all power of my body and this feeling further reinforced when the first seal of supreme combat exercise is formed that I haven't used my body's full potential as there is much left untapped.

I wanted to use that untapped potential of my body and I think the styles which help me increase my speed and agility would be best, it will help

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