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"Fuck fuck fuck!" I cursed out loud, I fucking entered this spatial realm and an unstable one at that, after cursing few minutes, I calmed myself.

It's not the end of the world, from what I know thousands of people entered the spatial ream accidently and many of them from various organizations and government.

They will not stand idly by and will do something rescue the people, now what I have to do is find some people.

I didn't see the sun in the sky but I am feeling uncomfortable sun rays, except for barren earth there is nothing I could see.

I have enough food and water which would last me for two days, in two days I have to find a new source of food and waters.

"Chew chew.." I asked Ashlyn to come, she had wanting to come out for some time, "Ashlyn, see if you could find something from high above," I said but then I remember something.

"Quickly look and come down, there are many dangerous monsters are here." I reminded her, many dangerous monsters had come out that spatial tide and that tiger monster that I fought earlier was only at Private grade but I barely able counter it's moving.

"Chew chew!" she chirped in affirmation and flew away in the sky when I looked at her in the sky, I had to shield my eyes from intense sun rays.

"Uhn!" Come out of my mouth because I noticed something peculiar about this environment, I noticed that mana I am inhaling is many times purer than that in the republic.

It is a very good thing for me, my man purity is currently at 71%, if I spend ten days in this realm, I am pretty sure, my mana purity could reach 75% purity.

I take a deep breath, it felt good but also very hot. I can feel Ashlyn is very near me, I just can't see her with this intense sun rays.

"Chew!" Ashlyn smoothly landed on my shoulder, "Did you find something?" she nodded and started wave her wings toward the west.

"God job Ashlyn," I said and patted her, I started to walk toward west while she flew ahead, I already cautioned her to fly low and if she saw any flying monster, she had to inform me quickly.

I walk toward the direction that Ashlyn mentioned for two hours but there is no change in scenery all I saw was barren land.

I even begin to doubt the way I an walking, after checking compass many times did I feel sure that I am walking in the right direction.

"Chew chew!" I heard Ashlyn's urgent chirp as she few toward me urgency, I can even sense little fear from her emotions, seeing that I quickly activated my sword and armor and circulated the moves of exercise to peak.

"Chew!"Ashlyn quickly come closer and started to flew around me, I didn't see any monster but Ashlyn saw then must be closer.

Soon I spotted a black spot in the air and it is coming toward me, I got the good look at it as it came closer.

It is some kind of Eagle monster, it is black and grey color and about half of my size.

"Screech!" "Swish!" it screeched loudly and flap its wing, a light black wind

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