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I could feel the changes occurring in my body as I leveling up, each and every pore of my body brimming with mana.

This is the first time I am experiencing leveling up in my full concentration, last time when I was leveling up I was in the midst of combat and had no time to check on my body but this time I am experiencing all.

The mana in my central storage had continued decreasing at visible speed, it is good that I had mana potion in hand.

This process feels good but not as good as creating a seal in a supreme combat exercise, that feeling is wonderful, nothing could compare it.

leveling up feels like mana flowing in every pore of my body and enhancing every virtue of my body but creating a seal of supreme combat exercise is all about physical, the feeling one got from it really wonderful.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn come out of me chirping happily, I am also elated as I also felt my power increased, from now on I could easily kill any lv. 1 Specialist Grade monsters, killing normal mid-level specialist grade monster wouldn't be a problem but slightly powerful mid specialist grade monster come, I will have no choice but run.

In Centre Ring

I am feeling really happy today, after so much material I've collected today, I will able to pay back at least half million to million back to my parents.

I wouldn't be thing huge debt if I hadn't sneaked into my father's lab and accidentally broke that instrument, to all the things I've own is loaned from my parents.

No matter genius I am in alchemy, it will take me years to pay off that loan, who told me to broke that hundred million credit synthesizer in my father's lab.

Taking a long sigh, I went back to the making potions, after exchanging some monster material, I got all the herbs and other things I needed for making potions, it should be able last me for two weeks.

I feel little gleeful on the thought of paying back my father, as little as they may be. I had promised myself that I will pay my debt within three years.

"Click!" I just had taken a bath to remove the smell of the lab and about to sleep.

A beautiful purple hair girl came in with a seductive smile on her face, she is wearing a loose red slip dress which clearly shows off her assets.

"Gulp!" I gulp as saw her coming toward me, seeing her smile I know trouble is coming but so blessing, I know that smile too well.

She now looked completely different from the morning Sarah who was cold and serious, that was just her facade for Micheal as she had her reservation about him but the Sarah in front of me real Sarah, unbridled and free.

Sarah and I are childhood friends, we both like each other since we were teens, it's been more than a year we are a relationship.

"Sarah, why are you here?" I asked as it's already past midnight, "I just miss you?" she said and come near me as to hug me.

I can smell her enchanchanting perfume as she comes closer to me, she crossed her arms around my neck

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