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We have reached the entrance of the valley an hour before the evening and started to find a spot for camp.

This time we were extra careful when looking at the spot, we are very close to the valley and probably of some corporal level monster coming here is very high.

Sometime later we did find a good spot to set up camp, just when I about to press the button on my camp gear we found two people coming toward us.

We became vigilant seeing them coming toward us, as they come closer, I got the good look at them. This pair is quite peculiar, one tall and thin while the other is short and chubby.

The tall one is peak level Specialist grade evolver while short one mid-level Specialist grade evolver.

"Hello, are you setting a camp here?" Asked the tall boy, he is not good looking but he had a face which gave a familiar and harmless feeling.

"Yes, we are. Is there any problem?" Rhea asked, her behavior is very cautious. it is very hard to trust others, especially those who in the same condition as us.

I had also been very careful when I followed the signs of rhea in the cave, I only relaxed when I found her familiar.

Our interaction with Shawn and control was completely different, they had no interest in whatever measly things we were carrying but two people in front of us are completely different.

They are the same us and came from the same place as us and will be very interested in whatever we have.

"No, no problem, we just came here to invite you," he said, we looked at him questioningly at his invitation.

''You guys are also trying to pass valley right? We did that yesterday but we come across the corporal level monsters, so we decided to wait for a few people before going into the valley." Explained the chubby youth, Andrew.

I nodded in understanding, we also thought we might come across some Corporal level monsters but had not thought there will be many Corporal level monsters in such a small valley.

''We were just about to cook food, you are welcome to join and it will be very safe if we put the camp in one place to defend against unforeseen circumstances." Said Neil.

''Ok." Rhea and I said in unison after thinking through, it will be very hard to defend against Corporal level monster if attack us night as even two us won't able to beat it but it is completely different for two people.

"follow us! Our camp is not far from here," said Neil and walked with Andrew, rhea and I followed behind them.

"Why do want to cross the valley?" I asked.

We want to cross it because we have a map, after crossing the valley we will come across the lake which will likely be gathering spot for many people.


From their talking, I can conclude that they have a specific place to go which is only possible if they have a map or someone had told them.

''Aren't you going scind forest?" He asked, scind forest one of two forests of this realm, the one we are currently in know as Conrad forest.

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