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I quickly remove and packed the heart of the eagle monster and strode away from the fight scene after burning the monster's body.

I can't predict the time as there is no sun in the sky but feeling sun rays had to become less intense, I can tell that evening will come within two hours.

I hope I can see another human at that time, this walking alone in barren land started getting into my head.

It has been more than an hour since I killed the eagle monster but I did not see any greenery, except for a few cactuses there is no plant in this barren land.

"Are you sure we going in right direction Ashlyn?" I asked it's been five hours since I entered this space realm and more than four hours since I am walking but I didn't not any sign of the forest that Ashlyn spotted on the sky.

"Chew chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped in affirmation annoyingly, I already asked this question to her more than ten times since we started walking, even I felt bad asking her question repeatedly.

I asked Ashlyn to search forest because that where I will find another person, people tend to travel toward a place where enough food and water is present and the forest is a prime location for that.

Forget the forest, I didn't see the sign of an oasis which are found in barren places, this wasteland really feels weird.

I was walking as usual when I spotted little green dot far ahead, it is barely noticeable, I started to walk speedily, after half an hour that green dot and turned small outline.

"Ashlyn, that is forest right?" I asked her, I was sure what I am seeing is real or not, she flew away from my shoulder and came down within minutes.

"Chew chew!" she affirmed excitedly, hearing her excited chirp, i broke into run toward that outline but reality is harsh after running for an hour that outline had only become little larger, I have to walk for a few hours to reach it there and that is not possible today as sky already started turning dark.

After walking fifteen minutes, I decided to stop for today as the sky had already tuned half dark and within half an hour, the sky will darken whole.

I look around for a good spot for camp, some distance away I spotted a big boulder, the boulder is thrice my size and will be a perfect shield against any surface monster's vision.

I removed the palm size square box from my backpack, this is the thing I brought at seventy thousand credit last week, I felt quite conflicted when I brought it.

I wanted to buy a new sword as it is little damaged but weighing pro and cons I brought this, this is the first time I will be using this.

Putting it only the drought, I pressed the button the top, just as I press the button it started to expand and within a minute, it turned into a camp.

It is big enough that three people comfortably sleep inside, I opened it's a flap and went inside, inside of quite plane but comfortable.

It is Grade 1 utility type artifact, it is barely qualified to grade one a

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