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"You are not my match, you should leave." Said dagger boy, I called him as he didn't introduce me his name.

I groaned inwardly with annoyance, this dialogue had been very popular in the training facility, whenever lower level evolver go against high-level revolver, the high-level evolver most of the time said this dialogue, even I experienced it in many times.

I just smile and didn't reply to his words, soon countdown started and we readied our weapons to fight.

"Fight!" Rang out and we both move toward each other to fight, I did not circulate the move of the exercise as I want to test the power of lv.3.

"Uhn.." comes out of my mouth seeing my opponents speed, it really fast, "clang.." sparks flew as our weapons touch, I have to say this daggers boys speed is really good.

I fended off his daggers with my sword, if not for an increase in my speed after creating a seal, I would have finished in our first bout, I know it's just testing moves of our but these testing moves tell a lot about our combat power.

There is no change occur in dagger boys expression as our weapon crossed, "Clank clank.." I take two steps back due to the force of the daggers.

his's dagger sneakily tried to reach toward my neck, I reacted on time and able to fend off that daggers attack but I had to take few steps back while doing that.

we crossed tense of such moves in few minutes but no winner had shown but in these few minutes I got better control over my body, I have been feeling little off balance ever since I started to fight.

it's probably because leveling up last night, I had got full control over my body but now exchanging some moves with dagger boy, I got full control over my body just as before.

Suddenly I felt the light wind on my face when I look at the dagger boy I found barely noticeable faint green layer covering his body.

Seeing him started using his power, I also started to circulate the third movement of the exercise to counter his power, In this fight, there is no aggression, we both were just fighting for our progress.

Fighting this dagger boy, I've come to understand that he's amature as me and probably recently had come to Westblood city.

"Clank clank…" My sword and his dagger touched and drew apart, his attacks becoming faster and faster to keep up with his speed I kept advancing moves of the exercise.

Although my opponent is immature in fighting style like me he had a great fighting instinct, she must have hunted lot of monster wherever he comes from.

"sup.." I barely avoided his dagger, he sped away from his dagger in mid-attack to surprise attack me, I got hit by his moves many times, if I opened my practice suit, I would see a lot of red marks on my both hands as that's where his attacks most concentrated on.

"Thud thud thud…" Seeing him increasing his power again, I also circulated another move of exercise to match his power.

I had nearly reached my limit fighting this dagger boy

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