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Two more days passed by and we were only two to three days away from the small lake.

''Ingres Flower!" Rhea exclaimed and cautiously cut the flower off the tree with expert precision.

Rhea has extensive knowledge of herbs and ores and she been able to identify them and pick them easily.

She said when she was deep in the forest, she spotted precious ores and herbs everywhere but was in no condition to take them.

She must have picked tens of herbs till now, I don't know much about it as I never extensively read about them.

I only had read about them a little when I left my building for the Green Heel as many people were finding precious herbs are ores here.

Although I may have not picked as much as rhea I still found few ingots of ores that worth quite a credits.

We didn't put every precious ore into our backpack lest it makes our backpack heavy.

We only took a minimum and only precious, rhea even threw away some of the ores, she had picked earlier because it is making her backpack heavy.

If she was hunting in westblood, she never would have done that, she would have easily taken ten times more ores she has now but here is different, the danger is everywhere in this realm.

It's been six days since I entered this realm but I didn't see anyone except for Rhea and that dead body from the westblood.

It's been two days since I leveled up but I hadn't had a chance to test my powers fully.

Now I can kill Private grade with the swing of my sword but all the specialist grade monsters that I had come across these days are at peak and I am no match for them.

I feel quite bored sometimes when we just walk and walk but no monster come across us.

I know it's a good thing, lesser the monster we encounter the quicker we will reach our destination.

We suddenly stopped on track when we heard the big rustling come toward us, we quickly activated our weapons hearing the sound.

From the sound of rustle, I can say there are more than three monsters coming toward, just as we attack to caught the monsters off guard but stopped on time because we noticed something peculiar.

It was human silhouettes, soon they come out one by one, there six of them in two groups, three boys and three girls.

They are definitely the same as the group I met earlier, six of them looked fourteen, fifteen years old and are at Private grade, I am sure they are from the central continent as well.

"See, didn't tell you I sense people coming toward us but you wouldn't believe me!" said the boy complacently at the girl.

He had blue hair and blue eyes and looked quite handsome.

''Stop bragging your sensing ability, Aron." Said the beautiful girl with hair black as night.

We just stayed silent, listening to their conversation.

This boy and girl seemed to leaders of their team.

The boy wanted to say something but he stopped and looked toward us smilingly.

"My dear friends from the outer continent I am Sh

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