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Chapter 1668 - Rousing

War War War

The Emperors begin to shout loudly as the battle spirit begin to burn in their heart, and the battle spirit of Emperors is visible; one could feel it in the air and taste it on their tongue.

"Go, children of the world, and slay the Grimm Race with such ferocity that they would think ten times before declaring the war," Sir Sheldon said, and a huge gate of the city opened wide.

The huge gate never opened, seeing the population of the devil's gate, which is in mere thousands, the small gates are more than enough for people without creating the huge traffic.

The Emperors flew toward the gate with their eyes shining in the battle spirit. The speech of Sir Sheldon had roused them; not to forget their own l.u.s.t for battle and hate for the Grimm Monsters.

I also followed my fellow Emperors; I want to kill some Grimm Monsters, I had been cooped up in the house for more than a month, not taking a single step outside.

The isolation may not have affected me as much as others, but there is still some frustration in my heart, and what better way to let that out other than having a great fight.

Soon, I flew over the big gate and minute later, entered the forest. Thousands of Emperors have entered, but it would still be hard to find the Grimm Monsters to kill.

The forest is vast, and the suppression of it makes things even more difficult. As the suppression not only suppressed the things but also suck everything from sounds to energy, making finding enemies even more difficult.

Still, I would not have this problem; I have Ashlyn; she could help me find as much as Grimm Monsters I want without wasting much time.

While the speech of Sir Sheldon rousing, I do not want to change my fighting strategy much. I would still mostly depend on my seeds to kill and harvest the Grimm Monsters.

I have a clear in mind, which is to work on my Inheritance while filling the space inside me with the Bloodline Essence. It is not a hard goal, not with my current strength; I will only need some time to fulfill it.

This goal may not be as blood-burning as my previous adventures since I could think of most of my opponents with a single attack, but still, this goal is extremely exciting to me.

The Inheritance, especially the Tyrant Grade, is very hard to design; The standards I forced on myself making it difficult for me to create it; I do not have sufficient understanding to create the Inheritance that is the level of I saw in the book.

Still, I am quite lucky that I nearly have all the study material I need to improve my understanding.

Her Excellency, when she reached this phase, had to make a deal with Wisdom Tower for such knowledge; fortunately, I won't have to make such a deal, I have nearly all the material I need to study and those I do not have, I will have to find it.

That is the thing of the future when I nearly complete the Tyrant Inheritance, and I have

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