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Chapter 1660 - Informing

"Five should be enough!" I said as I looked at five small balls in my palms; they looked like they are made out of clay, and if not for blue runes flashing on them, nobody would have found them a special.

These balls are very special as only Tyrants could make them, and only Tyrants could see the message hidden inside them. Teacher had given me some to be used for the circ.u.mstances I am going to use them.

As I took them out, I closed my eyes and connect my soul energy with them; a few seconds later, I finish.

"You know what you have to do, right?" I asked Ashlyn; she nodded and swiped five clay balls off my hands with her wings, making them immediately disappear from my hands into her storage.

Chew Chew

She chirped one more time and flew away, and soon she disappeared from my view. I stayed on my spot for a couple of more seconds, thinking before I moved toward the city.


One and half hour later, I saw the silhouette of the Devil's Gate city and flew toward it medius speed and half an hour later, landed in front of its gates.

A minute later, I walked inside the city, and for a second, a soul sense of Tyrant spread over my body before it moved away.

Soon, I reached my brownstone, and the first thing I did was shower before heating and eating my pre-cooked meal and sleeping on my bed. I had been awake for more than two days, and I want to be ready for tomorrow.

The next day I had woke up after sleeping for a little more than ten hours. The first thing I did was to look at the time before I freshened up and begin to cook breakfast with the help of my vines which are in energy string form.

Half an hour later, I took my breakfast to the porch to enjoy the breakfast in morning sunshine and show that will happen.

There is no night here, but one could still gauge the time through the intensity of sunlight.

I begin to breakfast while looking at the sky; first few minutes, nothing had happened when suddenly, five different color rays appeared in the sky. These rays are so bright that even in sunlight, they became visible and attracted the gazes of everyone.

Those who were walking, those who were in the sky, had stopped in their places and looked at five bright rays of light that came from different directions.

"Whoever pulled this prank have quite guts, but they are going to be in a shit load of trouble," A young woman said to the young man beside her friend.

The Devils Gate had very strict rules, and when it comes to public disturbance, those rules became even stricter. It is due to those strict rules, the thousands of powerful criminals here became docile as chickens, never daring to cross the boundaries.

A few seconds after the bright, colorful rays had appeared in the sky, a very powerful oppressive soul sense covered the whole city.

The oppressive soul sense was so powerful that even the Emperors flying in the sky shakingly l

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