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Chapter 1644 - Alive Present

I carefully picked up the dark grey Essence Rose in my hands and looked at it. Seeing the energy signature the Essense Rose is giving, the Grimm Monster the seed had captured was a Peak Emperor and a pretty powerful one at that.

It was also not a regular Grimm Monster but a Curse Master, which are very crafty fellows and very difficult to capture. Still, the bastard had got caught into my seed and turned into the Essence Rose.

I looked at Rose for about a minute, and after I got all the info I had needed from it. I had turned the seed upside down and touched the center of the vibrant strings, and as I did, the strings begin to unfurl themselves and came back to its center, till the center of the strings has become a seed again.

The seed is a lot fainter than before; it still has its energies as it got the energies that it had spent from the Grimm Monster, but it still requires the dose of Rule Bending power that it had spent.

Closing my eyes, I begin to pour rule-bending power into the seed, and I continue to do that for nearly ten minutes before I opened my eyes, and when I did, I found the seed becoming vibrant as before.

The best thing about the seed is that they are reusable; I could use them as long as I want. I just need to continue replenishing the Rule Bending power they need; it is quite a problem whose answer I am searching.

As I refilled the seed, I quickly collected the stuff of the Grimm Monster from underground before moving a few kilometers away and releasing the seed; like every seed, it had gently flown toward the ground before seeping inside it.

A second later, I moved toward the fifth seed, which I again found without change. This time, there is not much disappointment in my heart as I had already seen the result I wanted to see.

I did not waste time on the place; after checking everything is good with the seed, I moved the last seed, which is also the latest seed; I had planted it just yesterday and did not have much hope.

So, I was quite surprised when I saw the seed had captured a Grimm Monster, and that surprise had turned into shock when I further noticed, the Grimm Monster it had captured is not in the Essence Rose form but alive.

That could mean only one thing and which is that Grimm Monster being captured had a Bloodline; only those with Bloodline could remain alive while all the others would get refined.

I quickly appeared above the spot, and a few seconds later, a body of Vermillion Rhinoman had appeared above the ground.

Its whole body is wrapped up in thin, vibrant green string; they had wrapped it so tight that it could not move its big thick limbs even an inch.

When it saw me, its eyes got wide opened but its mouth won't as it looked at me. In its surprising eyes, there was no desperation, just annoyance, seeing that I couldn't help but sigh.

I had seen such a look before, and these bastards are difficult to de

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