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Chapter 1637 - Rewards

This time when I entered the other side of the runic gate, I did not found myself in the white hall as I had expected myself to be in but in a completely different place.

It is a hall but a lot bigger and bathed in wonderful lighting, and there is even a beautiful small pool in the center of it, but that is not the most amazing thing about the hall, the most amazing thing in the hall are its walls, or I might say the murals that had been drawn on the walls.

The murals are extremely beautiful, and surprisingly, they show the Abomination we had just fought.

On the mural, Abomination looks a lot more dangerous and powerful. On the first mural, it seemed to be wreaking havoc in what seemed to be a paradise as everything looked so beautiful there.

Soon, hundreds of people surrounded it; some of these people looked like humans, some not; I was able to identify some races, but others are completely unknown to me.

The leader of these hundreds of people is a handsome young man with a simple rapier in his hands; everyone looked at him reverently as he flew directly in front of giant Abomination.

The battle begins, and hundreds of people attacked with the attacks that seemed so powerful that they made me shudder just glancing at them. Their attacks seemed to have no effect on the Abomination; an only young man with rapier and few others have seemed to be able to do something to it.

The battle continued day and night with each day Abomination slaughtering tense of them; it was a gruesome scene painted beautifully.

The battle had lasted for nine days and nine nights and ended with the Abomination being slaughtered, but the other side did not come out much better as of the hundreds of people that fought against it; only seven have survived.

The young man with rapier had survived, but he had lost one leg and hand, and he wept, not because of the personal loss but because seeing the paradise they had fought so hard to protect being turned into a wasteland.

He cried for the whole night, but as the day shone, he wiped his eyes and looked at wasteland again, and this time with determination to turn this hell into the paradise once it was.

When I finished with a mural, I found tears dripping through my eyes. I don't even know when I had started crying.

"Congratulations, Participant YU897, For Clearing The Final Challenge With Highest Merit." The mechanical voice said as I finished up crying, hearing it smile, couldn't help but appear on my face.

Though I had expected it, I still felt happy hearing it officially from the Treasure Palace.

"As The Privilege Of The First Rank, Participant Will Gain Ten Minutes Lead Over The Other Participants In Choosing The Reward!" The Mechanical Voice said, and a huge shelf with thousand boxes appeared in front of me, each box showing a different reward.

There is a total thousand reward, but the top hundred are marked in purple. It

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