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Chapter 1675 - Blood Magic II


I cursed out loud when I realized what this method truly, a method from Blood Magic, one of the most dangerous kinds of magic; it is very hard to guard against it; all my very powerful defenses fell null in front of it.

Blood Magic is shamanic type magic that is forbidden by the Pyramid; there was quite a debate and small rebellion when the Pyramid had outlawed it five thousand years ago.

Blood Magic mold in Shamanic Magic category, and like all type of magic, it is neither good nor bad but most those practice it quickly forgets the boundaries seeing the power it offers.

It is very hard to protect against shamanic magic, especially the Blood Magic. I had put up some defenses, but it seemed like they are not enough, seeing how easily the energy able to breach it.

I will have to research the Blood Magic extensively, and fortunately, Academy has had a good collection on the Blood Magic and as a successor, as I would be able to read them after I got permission from the council.

The Potion Energy coming inside me, and like before, my runes did not touch it; instead, it went on and begin covering my runes like the potion energy that came earlier.

First, nothing much happened, but as more energy came in, I found the potion energy pressuring my runes, vibrating around it at very high energy. It is thousands of hammer striking across each of my runes.

The Bloodline Furnace potion may be powerful, but my runes are not made of glass either. They have been strengthened by the tens of Bloodlines, not only that they have also been smelted by the energies of the two Diamond Seals and rainbow light of Calm Heart Celestial Inheritance Core.

My runes will not break under this energy; though I am saying it, I am not fully confident.

The potion is really powerful in that it could burn the bloodlines that are connected to the source and get very powerful as they kept awakening. My runes do not have such quantities.

There is no higher source connected to them like the real Bloodline, which makes them more vulnerable to the potion energy compared to the Bloodlines.

Though there is slight doubt in my heart, I still wholeheartedly believe that my runes have the ability to pull through it, and while it does that, it is my responsibility to get out of this blood rune sphere through any method I have.

Bang Bang Bang

I once again powered my sword and attacked the Rune Sphear, and this time too, I got repelled, but I did not give up and continued attacking over and over no matter how many times it repelled me.

After attacking nearly a hundred times, I had finally stopped. This Blood Rune Sphere is very strong; I could not breach it with my current strength.

If I want to have any chance of breaching it, I would need to burn my Blood, and in current circ.u.mstances, it would not be a very bad thing to do that. It is not just my runes that are feeling the p

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