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Chapter 1662 - Tyrants Vs Tyrants II

I did not have to wait for long to know why they are looking toward the left, and within a second, Seven Grimm Monsters appeared in front of them, and three of them were the same who put that Engine thing in the ground.

But the one leading them is a completely different Grimm Monster; it is Snow Werewolf with a huge hammer in its hand.

Seeing seven Grimm Monsters appearing, the expressions of the five Tyrants have become serious, and there was even fear that could be seen on the face of Sir Sheldon and others as they stare at the Snow Werewolf.

It is very clear that the leading Snow Werewolf is very powerful, so powerful that even Sir Sheldon is afraid of it.

As they appeared, the snow werewolf laughed as it said something and waved its hand, and as it did, a snow gale came out of its hands which easily pushed Sir Sheldon and others hundreds of meters behind.

Sir Sheldon and other Tyrant tried to resist the snow gale, but they were not able to do much other than get pushed back, and seeing their helplessness, horror couldn't help but appear on the faces of five Tyrant.

The power shown by the Snow Werewolf had shocked the five Tyrants; though they are shocked, they quickly collected themselves and brought out weapons, ready to face the Werewolf, even if it is stronger than them.

The snow werewolf laughed, seeing their bravery before its expression turned ferocious and killing intent begin to radiate from its eyes. It is clear that it wanted to kill the humans

Huge crystalline claws appeared on both of its hands, and it swiped toward the direction of humans at a speed that I was barely able to follow blurringly.

Through the claws, a huge phantom of claws appeared and went toward the five tyrants at the blurring speed.

Seeing the powerful attack coming, all the five human Tyrants attacked together and at the same time activated their defensive shields, which is a wise choice, and the phantom claws clashed against the attacks of the five Tyrants; it had crushed them all.

Cold lacerating wounds appeared on their bodies as they puked the icy blood; the attack was too heavy for them.

I am quite shocked seeing the power of the attack; it had obliterated the humans attacks and crushed their defensive shields, especially that of Sir Sheldon, who is quite powerful.

I have read the intelligence on him; he is not only a powerful Tyrants but also had great battle experience, he may look middle-aged, but he is over a hundred years old; he was a young man during the last grand war, he fought in it and survived.

Snow Werewolf laughed loudly, seeing their bloodied state before launching another attack, and this time, the attack is far more powerful than before.

Ashlyn could feel the aura of attack even in the clouds, and she is not using her soul sense; its aura had covered the large area that she could feel without extending her soul sense.


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