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Chapter 1636 - End

I had no plans to kill any Grimm Monsters before I dealt with the Abomination, but since this bastard dared to attack me, there is no way in hell I will leave it alive; it will suffer the same fate as that bastard Frost Chimpman.

Its regretful that this bastard does not have a Bloodline; if it had, it would have been amazing but still, I will kill this bastard.

First Boost + Second Boost + Everwings + Third Boost

I activated the third boost with the other three boosts, and my blood begins to burn. I do not need to burn my blood to defeat it, but it will take time to finish it without using a third boost.

At least five minutes, as this bastard is no weakling that I could finish in a single move, and I do not have that much time.

I have to finish it before the challenge is finished, and to that, I will need immense strength that only Blood Burning could provide me.

As I begin to burn the blood, immense power begins to fill my body; it is really immense.

With all the strengthening, my essence has grown very thick and powerful that even I burn it a moderate amount, the strength it gives is so immense that I am barely able to handle it.

With powerful strength coursing through my body, I broke through the cover fire that spinning around me as if it is a piece of paper and directly appeared before Deerman.

Seeing me suddenly appeared in front of it, horror appeared on the Deerman's face, which it has quickly controlled.

"Little bastard, you have made a huge mistake attacking me," I said as I appeared in front of me. I did not immediately attack, with the power of Blood Burning coursing inside me, this bastard going to be a dead man soon.

"You might be a powerful human, but it is impossible for you to kill me," It said grinningly as the powerful defensive method covered it and begin to run back.

It is confident it will not die; this confidence had not only come from its own power but also Grimm Monsters coming toward to help it, including the second most powerful Grimm Monster.

Some humans have also moved to intercept them, including young women who are the same level as Grimm Monster.

Well, I am happy they have come to help their mate, but I will be finished before they arrive, including the powerful Grimm Monster; it already becomes too late to save the Deerman.

I looked at its running figure and disappeared from my spot, and appeared directly behind it with a huge maw in my stomach being opened.

"Get In!"

I shouted loudly and picked it picked it up with my huge hands, crushing its powerful defensive method with sheer strength, and moved it into my maw with extremely fast speed.

I was so fast that I was not even able to scream before I threw it inside my maw.

"Bastard Die!"

The ribbons on my maw had just mended, making my stomach normal when Blackstone Rhinoman appeared in front of me and swung its sword; its attack was very powe

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