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Chapter 1667 - Glimpse

"It is time," I said as I looked at the watch; the curfew had been lifted at 5 AM, as the missive stated, and people had come out of their homes and clouded the sky.

I had not gone out; I had just observed them from my porch before coming back. There are too many things for me to do in so little time. Since I had woke up since dawn, I had trained for an hour and spend one hour in my Inheritance space, not to forget cooking and eating breakfast.

'And it is time to go to Adventure Plaza,' I thought and walked in golden sunshine before taking up the sky.

There were people everywhere, far more than they should have been. If I am not wrong, then the Devils Gate had brought out new people, the population of it had at least doubled.

Such numbers have surprised me; if it had been normal powerhouses, even kings, it would not have been a surprise what I saw in front of me area Emperors, above-average Emperors at that.

Allocating such numbers of Emperors is a great risk that Pyramid usually does not take in normal times.

If Pyramid could dispatch more than twenty Twenty Tyrants, including the Black Moon Corps, then sending a few thousand Emperors is no big thing.


A few minutes later, I landed in the plaza amidst thousands of Emperors; the Tyrants had not arrived yet, but they will soon.

Chew Chew

As I was amidst the Emperors listening conversation around, replying if someone had talked when Ashlyn chirp rang out in my mind and completely different scenery appeared.

I saw Grimm Monsters coming out of their Fort, and they are covering the whole sky before dispersing throughout the forest.


I couldn't help but curse in my mind; it is not the Grimm Monsters that had shocked me; it is their numbers; they are huge, almost doubles as our numbers, and I would not be scared seeing the Grimm Monsters always have a larger number than us, it is nothing new.

What is scary about this thing is that Grimm Monsters does not have one Fort; they have three, and if the other two forts have also released the same numbers of the Grimm Monsters, then we will be f.u.c.k.e.d.

Grimm Monsters have a greater number of powerhouses than us, but they do not have enough that they would throw around as many as they wanted. Especially the Emperor level powerhouses.

Them sending out such a large amount of Emperors means the thing is more serious than I had thought before, and dealing with such an amount of number would be extremely troublesome.

It is a good thing; they are have not come directly for battle and went to the forest. On the surface, it may look disadvantageous to the Grimm Monsters seeing such huge numbers; the direct battle would be more advantageous to them.

It is short-term benefits with a heavy casualty as we humans do not go down easily, especially when we are against such odds. If we know we are going to be defeated, then we make sure to gi

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