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Chapter 1653 - Dual I

The Earthson Foxman in front of me is covered in luxurious snow-white fur and has a dark brown sun mark on its forehead. It is also one of the smallest Emperor stage Grimm Monster Ive ever seen.

Its small height does not denote its age but its tribe; all the foxmen are smaller compared to peers of the other tribe, and the members of Earthson Foxmen are one of the smallest.

The tribe also special one case and that all its member's Inherit bloodline. It is a special trait of their tribe; the strength of the individual depends on the purity of their bloodline and its awakening level, which is quickly known by the sun mark on their forehead.

The darker the mark is, the purer the bloodline will be, and this Earthson Foxman pretty pure bloodline.

I walked toward it, and when there is only three hundred meters of distance remained between us, the Earthson Foxman stopped and gently turned toward me with a graceful smile on its face.

My appearance is not surprising to it; it had already smelled me when I entered its range.

"I had not expected a human to come this far," It said. Its voice is soft devoid of any thick accent that Grimm Monsters have, and strangely, its voice sounded feminine compare to other Grimm Monsters who had a masculine or neutral voice.

It is a known fact, but I couldn't help but get surprised hearing it. This tribe is really different, and if everything I read about them is true, then I would have to be very careful in fighting it.

"I had not expected to see a Grimm Monster either, especially someone from noble Earthson tribe," I said politely, making the smile on its face a little brighter.

"You are not crass as other humans human; I will pickle you for three months if present the challenging fight," It said as if it will be my biggest honor.

"We will see about it," I said with a smile, not one bit surprised by its statement. The Grimm Monster in front of me may look as pure as snow, but they are one of the devious, degraded Grimm Monsters out there.

From what I read, the Grimm Monsters of Earthson Foxmen tribe like to dip the live human into their special, which is extremely painful to humans as it drilled into every pour.

After dipping it into a sauce, they hand the human to curate. That process lasts for at a month, and in this month, the ingredient of the sauce go deeper and deeper into a human, making it an extremely torturous process and worse thing about the process, the human did not, the special sauce of them, keep them in perfect condition.

We fell into silence after our brief conversation, just staring at each other, and this staring lasted for quite long, for about ten minutes before suddenly we moved toward each other.


The dark brown scalding aura around it flared as a jade green rapier appeared in its hand while a vibrant green helmet appeared on my head beautiful red-green rapier appeared in my hand.

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