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Chapter 1643 - Beautiful Present

The seed had seeped into the ground and disappeared; there is no sign of it. If not for my inherent connection with it, I would not have able to sense it.

With the planting done, I moved out of the area, and on the way, I again killed two Grimm Monsters who Ashlyn had found, and unfortunately, both of them also did not have a bloodline.

It is quite frustrating not to find a Grimm Monster with Bloodline; it was quite easy in the Treasure Palace, but here, I will have to search high and low for the Grimm Monster with Bloodline.

Two hours later, I stopped in a well-hidden place and took out my abode; I am going to spend few days in the forest before I go back to the city.

If I go back to the city now, I will have to come back a few days later for another weekly quota. So, I will stay here five or six days and go back, and rest for few more days before coming back.

This way, I will get maximum time to read my book, not forget I will place the 'Seed' every day to trap the Grimm Monsters.

Though I could create a seed every three hour, it takes too much concentration and energy, and If I had tried to create five seeds within a day, I would be so tired that I will not be able to study my precious book properly.

Soon, the tunnel opened to the abode, and I went in while Ashlyn decided to stay out, which is fine by me.

With the suppression of the forest leaving her unaffected, there are very few things that are a danger to her; if she did all her to hide, even Tyrants would not be able to find her with her itty bitty size.

Soon, I reached the underground abode and freshened up before laying on the couch and opening the beautiful book.

I am still in the basic part of Inheritance; it will take me quite a while to study the whole book, which is fine. I want to finish the book before I touched my Inheritance again.

Just reading the basics of the creation of Inheritance, I had found many faults with my Inheritance. So, before I start working on the Inheritance again, I want to know all the faults my Inheritance has.

It might take a while, but I am willing to wait, even if I do not have much time, seeing the curse breathing down on my neck.

The curse may look silent, but it is not; every second, it is getting stronger. I could feel the power of the curse is getting stronger and stronger with each passing day; even now, it had become powerful enough to give serious challenges to my defenses.

It is not only growing stronger, but it is also getting more Intelligence due to this Intelligence, it had not tried anything on me in recent times.

It acc.u.mulating power; it wants to become strong enough that it would be able to finish me within a single attack, and for it will wait, wait till it became strong enough to crush me in a single try.

For it to not happen, I have to be stronger, and my best bet against surviving its attack and crushing it is my I

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