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Chapter 1674 - Blood Magic

Crack Crack Crack

A faint cracking sound begins to ring out as its powerful hard skin begins to crack, and those cracks begin to spread very fast around its body, and from them, hot yellow blood begins to come out.

Its condition is getting worse by the second, making me feel like it might not even be able to hold even for ten seconds, its condition is really getting worse, but despite that, it is attacking me with powerful attacks.

Its attacks are getting more and more powerful, filled with an immense amount of Bloodline energy, especially the attacks of the last few seconds. Its attack felt like the burst of a dying candle before going out.

Few more seconds passed, and now cracks are spread on every inch of its body, and through the egregious amount of blood is coming out that felt like it would be drained in few seconds.

"Blessing of Ant Lord!" It shouted, and the very vivid phantom of Four Eyed Antman, which almost looked real, came down.

It enveloped the Four Eyed Antman and begin to merge with it, and as it did, the power of the Four Eyed Antman rose explosively that I had to harness a lot more power from the Everwings to deal with the attack.

The strength is just the side benefits of this move it had used; the real benefits are holding down the potion's power.

The cracks begin to heal slowly, and the blood stopped coming out; the healing had only lasted for a couple of minutes before the cracks begin to spread again and this time at even greater speed.

The power of Bloodline Potion is great, even after using such a great move; it was not able to contain it for more than a few seconds.

I could see panic building its eyes, and it looked at me a certain way that made my whole body tingle. I am sure there is some move it had hidden that poses a threat to me.

I will have to be extremely careful, seeing it is already at the death door, and if it is sure that it might die, then it will do definitely do something that will take both of us to hell.

'Lucky Bastard!' I cursed as a thick black aura came out of it; it is so thick that it felt oily.

The change immediately started happening the moment the awakening begins. The cracks on its Armor and body begin to heal, and the blood that came out begin to seep back into its body.

I had thought with this awakening, it will be able to pull through, seeing how fast it had been healing.


It had nearly healed when suddenly loud crackling sounds begin to ring out, and a huge crack begins to spread over its chitin. These cracks were huge, unlike the faint ones like before, these ones are big, and a fountain of blood is coming out of them.

A look of horror appeared on its face; it had thought it might survive this but now, seeing those huge cracks which might tear it pieces in few seconds, the chances of it surviving looked really slim.

Suddenly, horror disappeared on its fa

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