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Chapter 1635 - Decapitation

If I want to complete the attack on the Abomination, then I couldn't avoid the attack of Purple Blaze Deerman.

The attack of it is extremely powerful, so powerful that 99% of people that entered this final challenge would get vaporized just as the giant fire had touched them; dodge it or bear it, it is quite a choice to make.

My thoughts moved extremely quickly as I judged the pro and cons of my choice before I decided to complete my attack on the Abomination, and for it, if I have to bear the extremely powerful attack of Purple Blaze Deerman, so be it.

I could dodge the attack and attack the Abomination again after I dealt with Purple Blaze Deerman, but that won't work.

All the people here using all their strength to attack the Abomination, including powerful humans and Grimm Monsters, and their attacks are powerful enough to reduce a lot of health power of the Abomination or empty it within a couple of seconds.

This means I will lose the best chance to attack and would not be able to maintain my edge over the others, even if I get another chance of the attack.

So, I continued pouring into my sword as I kept cutting the neck of Abomination; at the same time, the attack of Purple Blaze Deerman came closer and closer to me, and when only five meters away from cutting the neck of the Abomination, it had reached me.

I did not activate my defensive method. I had revealed many of my abilities during the combat, and unlike my other moves, I wasn't able to change my defensive method much to suit this look.

If I used it, then some intelligent people will quickly connect the dots, and that would not be good for me.

So, I will let the attack hit my body and really see how powerful the defense of the ribbons is; I wanted to try in any way, and this is a good opportunity as any.

As I prepared to get hit by this extremely powerful attack, I glanced at the Deerman, which is looking at me with joy in its eyes. It laughs as it looked at its most powerful attack that is about to hit me.

It is not just Deerman watching but also the others, too; I could feel the soul sense of nearly the people tracking me and attack.

Milliseconds passed, and a hundred-meter diameter purple fire disk finally touched my body and begin to pass through it, sending inferno-like energy inside me.

My ribbons instantly went to work; they took this energy, transmitted among themselves before sending it to my runes which instantly converted this infernal energy to raw energy before sending it back to ribbons which powered by it further.

The giant fire disk did not attack me directly like a fireball would, blasting away all the energy at once. No, it begins to seep through me wanting to make me its center point.

I could do things even when my sword is busy, but I let it happen; I want to see how powerful its attack is and test my defense; some may consider this idiotic, even I consider

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