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Chapter 1656 - Something Fishy I

One hour and twelve minutes, that's how long it took my runes to transfer all this energy; I had thought it would take time but never had it would take such long, but it is a good thing; it did.

Always there would be a flood of strengthening energy which would come strengthen and gone just as quickly, but this time, it came in a trickled speed, and that trickle had spread through my whole body.

This time, I get to see clearly how the strengthening energy merges with my body. The process is beautiful, and I had learned so much from it and not to mention the increase in strength I had received from the strengthening.

Even though 99% of my strength is suppressed, I could still feel that increment in the 1%, and it is great. The Bloodline was really powerful, so powerful that it had filled half of my limit alone.

No bloodline had ever done that, and seeing how much space had built up inside me for consumption in Mid Emperor Stage, the Bloodline had to be really powerful to fill even a quarter of space, but it had filled half of it alone.

One can imagine its power with it.

If I had fought with Foxman outside in the middle range or outer range of the forest, I would have had lot more difficulties defeating it.

As here, the soul sense is nearly blocked; one could hardly bring it out of its body. If the Grimm Monster had its soul sense, it would have noticed the strings lot sooner and might have even jumped out before the strings could reach any high in its body.

With the consumption of Earthsun Bloodline, my pseudo Bloodline has also gotten stronger. I could feel it becoming stronger, which is a great thing for me as it will help me resist the suppression further, and I might even be able to reach the Sunlight Dome.

The thought couldn't help but put a smile on my face; it would be really wonderful if I could do that.

With the great optimist in my heart, I marched forward. On the way, I had picked up an apple from a wild orchard and begin to eat them. These apples are really delicious, very juicy, filled with thick sunlight energy, which spread through my whole body, strengthening it and cleansing it.

Time passed by, and another two hours passed by, and in these two hours, the suppression had increased further as I venture deeper.

Another hour had passed, and tenseness begins to appear on it, finally. Though it is very small, it is noticeable if one looks carefully.

With tenseness appearing on the diamond energy, my steps have now became counted. Though I would still be able to walk for hours till it reaches the limit, the meaning of tenseness is clear that it had begun to reach its limit.

It is quite disappointing; I had hoped it would be able to take me to the Sunlit dome, but it looked like it would not be a case.

There is nothing I could do about it; I had known that reaching Sunlit Dome would not be easy; if it had been an easy thing, th

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