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Chapter 1661 - Tyrants Vs. Tyrants I

The announcement had spread shock into everyone's heart; it is not like such announcement are very rare; one of such came every half year. The reason people are shocked due to it because of its suddenness.

People know whenever such announcements come; they came when Tyrants of both sides fights, but now there had been no signs of fighting could be seen or heard.

The reaction of higher-ups is a little shocking; I had expected there would be a reaction but did not expect it would be this big that they would immediately declare a curfew.

I looked around for a while, and when people around me had disappeared, I also went inside my home.

Chew Chew

After cleaning the dishes, I laid on the bed waiting, waiting for them to go there, and I did not have to wait for long as about a minute after I had laid on the bed, Ashlyn chirp rang through my mind and vision in front of me had changed.

Her bird eye view appeared before me, and this time, Ashlyn is looking down from clouds, and below her, five humans who were on the same spot as the Grimm Monster and human were yesterday.

I am a little surprised they are able to find the spot this soon; I had thought it would take them at least an hour.

Ashlyn is high in clouds, and even then, I can see everything clearly. I am able to see the features of each human very clearly and even familiar with most of the Tyrants, especially the old-looking Tyrant Sir George who was responsible for the Treasure Palace.

All of them are staring at the empty ground, holding devices which not seemed to be of this world.

They are looking at the devices and marking the places, and surprisingly, they have accurately marked the places of all twelve staff, but there is no happening seemed on their face; instead, they became even graver.

As marked all the positions, a Tyrant name Sir Sheldon River took out twelve hand sizes discs and placed them carefully on the places they had marked before all of them created sufficient distance from the disc, fearing something dangerous might occur.

After walking back about ten meters, they finally stopped, and Sir Sheldon placed a finger on the disc in his hand and pressed it.

As he did, the disc begins to light up in a runic light before they begin levitating. When the disc got about a meter above the ground, bring blue light released from them toward the ground.

For a few seconds, nothing had happened before the staffs begin to come out of the eath slowly.

As the staff came out, the discs begin to move up, and a minute later, all the twelve staff came out of the ground and now floating under the disc's dense blue light.

The five humans, especially sir Sheldon heave a small sigh of relief seeing that, but soon serious expression appeared on his face. He started at the discs for few seconds before slowly started to move toward them and soon appeared in front of floating staff below

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