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Chapter 1671 - Quick Blade II

"Whisper of Blade!"

It said, and its blade came at me and came at me with such speed that my expression couldn't help but sober up immediately, and I moved my sword toward its without hesitation.

Clang Clang Clang

My sword clashed against its blade, but just as I had countered, it attacked again without wasting a fraction of seconds before attacking again. I again countered, and it attacked again.

This attack of it has no fanfare except for powerful aura blazing out of it and sword that is attacking me at a crazy speed.

The speed its blade is moving is really fast, the fastest Ive seen. This move of it using all its energy into making the attacks fast; there is not even an energy attack when the weapons clash.

Not many attacks do something like sending energy into the enemy's body is one of the basics of attacks. It might not look much like the other party destroy all the energy one sent toward others, but it is extremely important.

The energy one sent is never completely destroyed; some speck of it able to enter the enemy's body, and when these specks pile up, they do real damage; not to forget if the difference between the two parties are even slightly big, these energies destroy ones inside.

The attack of Antman seemed to sacrificed that to gain pure speed, which may have disadvantages but also have advantages.

The first advantage that it gives more strength is attacking; it can make the attacks faster and stronger. If it had chosen the strength instead of speed, each of its attacks would have felt like a strike of a hammer.

The second advantage is that these attacks are harder to detect as they do not have an energy-filled inside, all the energy these attacks have used to gain speed and strength.

"Hehe, you are good, little human," The four-eyed Antman said; its praise had sent my whole body tinkling.

'First Boost!'

I did not waste any time and immediately activated the first boost, and its a good thing I did and next moment, three more blades appeared on its open hands, and it attacked.

Four very fast blades came at me, each of them attacking different parts of my body. If they passed through my defenses, they would surely divide me into four clear pieces.

While its attacks are fast, mine is faster. The strength of the first boost roared inside me, and as I moved, my sword and single sword begin to deal with four of its sword together.

I could see the rage building in its eyes by my counter, and its attacks go faster and faster, but I also harvested more power from the first boost to deal with its attack; not only that, I stopped transmitting energy from my sword and use it increase its speed, just like it.

This had really shocked and created a gap in its defense for a fraction of a second which it had immediately filled before I could take advantage of it.

"Storm of Blades!"

It shouted, and flaring mad aura cons

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