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Chapter 1650 - Supression Wave

The suppression wave is coming, and this one kind of powerful, more powerful than the one I had faced two weeks ago.

The Suppression waves are common, every month, three to five came out, and in my time here, I had faced many of them, but the suppression wave of today is different as I am not in the outer part of the forest, and this suppressive wave is not a normal one.

Nearly all the suppressive waves I had faced were in the outer part of the forest; there are very few I had faced in the middle part, and those were just average powered but still able to bring me to my knees.

I am now very far in the middle part of the forest, the central part of it is just two hours away, and such a close distance from the central part, the suppressive wave is especially strong.

The closer one is to the central part, the stronger the suppressive wave would be, and I am quite closer to the central part of the forest.

The Suppressive wave is fast, and it would reach me within few minutes, so there is no use in running away. I would have to bear this wave, and it would not be easy; if it is too strong, it might even injure me or kill me.

Seeing there is no time to waste, I found a nice open ground and placed a prayer mat on it before sitting cross-legged.

It is proven that the meditative position helped to bear the suppressive waves, and I had used this position during the suppressive waves and know how helpful it is.

Seeing the suppressive waves is just minutes away, I begin to take a calming breath to calm my mind and relax my body, and by the time I had reached my calmest state, I could sense the suppressive wave close to me; it is just a few seconds away.

I was right; a few seconds later, the suppressive wave hit me like a tsunami, and the only thought that came to my mind was 'Understatement.'

It is a great understatement on her part to rate this suppression wave just strong; hell, it is stronger than 'Just strong.'

It had hit me like a sledgehammer, and if not for my recent increase in strength, I would have been on the floor like a dead dog, but even now, my condition is not that great.

As the suppression wave hit me, it had suppressed nearly 95% of my strength within a second.

Getting such an amount of strength suppressed in a moment is quite a shock to the body, and if I was prepared and had great willpower, I would have unloaded all I ate today on the floor.


Seconds passed, and the suppressive wave got stronger by a second that it begins to suppress me further that now even circulating energy seemed like a monumental task, but that did not stop circulating it inside me.

The energy circulation is the only thing I could control in this uncontrollable situation, and I would not let the suppressive wave do anything to it, no matter how much it suppresses me.

95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, ten seconds had just passed, and 98% of my str

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