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Chapter 1634 - 98.9%



I made one cut after, as fast as I could, so the injuries would not heal them completely.

After its health bar reached 95%, its healing power had increased suddenly, and now we are having a problem in keeping even a fifty-meter deep wound active as it would heal within ten seconds.

This healing power of it is too damn annoying; if it wasn't for that, we had not lessened its life by only 3% in the past four hours.

It is not just its healing power that had increased but also its intelligence, and as it began to peak, weaker Emperors and finished them one by one that now only forty-seven people have remained.

At the beginning of the challenge, I had never expected we would be reduced to such numbers; the Abomination bastard is too powerful.

Currently, we have emptied 98% of the health bar would need and only need to finish the last 2%, which is going to be quite a challenge, seeing only around twenty people are attacking earnestly while others are just surviving from the attacks of the Abomination.

Emptying the last 2% of the health bar going to be quite difficult, seeing its ever-increasing healing power.

I wanted to go all out but speed up the death of this Abomination, but I had stopped myself. Nearly all people using all their power fighting the Abomination but there are still few, three to four people who are holding back.

According to my calculation, I have done the maximum damage, but these four people not much fat behind me.

I want to maintain this edge as much as possible and would only go out when they do as if I got, they will surely do the same and some of them might even be more powerful than me and which will be bad.

Though I do not think any one of them is powerful than me, at max, they will be equal to me in strength, but still, I don't want to take chances with these peak Emperors who might be hiding their strength too deeply.

In this challenge, there are two things I have to do; one is consuming bloodlines and the second deals maximum damage to the Abomination to aced this challenge.

I had already consumed more bloodline essence than my original target and would only consume more if I get a chance, and as for acing the challenge, I am already at first, and I have to maintain that.

I was in my thoughts when I sensed a powerful aura, it tried to control the aura from leaking too much, but I caught it, so are the other two people who also blasted their aura without waste of moment seeing someone had done.

These two did not try to hide their aura, and when they released, it spread all over, shocking the people whole; even Abomination had stopped for a fraction of a moment sensing such powerful auras.

'It is earlier than I had expected, but it seemed like it is time to go all out,' I throught to myself as I looked at the health bar, which is at 98.9%.

First Boost+Second Boost+Everwingd

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