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Chapter 1652 - Central Region II

Soon the suppression had reached 99%, but unlike in the Supression Wave, where I could not even twitch my finger, here I am walking just fine.

As I had said earlier, if I get the time to get used to the suppression, I could walk, even run under 99% suppression. I am powerful enough that 1% of my strength would be more than enough to deal with an army of knights led by the lords.

Though I could still walk under such suppression, I begin to feel the strain of it. The suppression is powerful, and as it increased, my instinct of self-preservation kicked in.

It is taking me all my willpower not to go into shock due to these instincts of self-preservation; once I do, even moving will become difficult. Not to forget, with each step I take, the suppression increases further, making my instinct scream at me even more loudly.

The past few minutes have become a test of willpower, and this test of willpower is far more difficult than the one I had faced in the Treasure Palace as this time, I am not fighting against any foreign feeling but my own instinct of self-preservation which are most difficult to fight.

I resist them as I took steps forward, intending to reach Sunlight Dome where only Tyrants could go.


Few minutes passed when a change I was expecting had happened. The diamond energy of pseudo Bloodline came out of my runes and begin to spread over my body, soul, and energy.

It had come out when the suppression had reached the edge of the 99% and about to reach 100%.

As the diamond energy covered me fully, the suppression had stopped affecting me further.

This pseudo Bloodline is an amazing thing; till now, I was not able to concur anything about it other than it being a pseudo bloodline. When I had researched Bloodline, there was nothing about this.

The pseudo Bloodline is quite strange, or it could be said it opposite of what Bloodline is.

From what I have read, the Bloodline is a thing from a being that is powerful enough to leave a mark on the laws of the universe, and that mark will spread through its blood descendent or to those merged with its origin blood.

But my pseudo Bloodline is made from all the bloodlines my runes have consumed, which should not have been possible as this Bloodline does not have a source that had left a marc on the universe.


As I think about it more, I felt like the usual headache is returning. Whenever I think about the pseudo Bloodline hard, this headache came at me.

What I know is just a rough idea, when I know what really a Bloodlines are not a simple definition or reach the stage where I could leave a mark on universe and have my own Bloodline, that time I will understand this pseudo Bloodline, till then I should enjoy whatever the benefits it brings to me.

With the protection of pseudo-Bloodline, I walked forward without hesitation. For some time, I will not have to worry abo

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