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Chapter 1638 - Out

I looked through one after another amazing reward, and I wanted to have them all, including some of the artifacts I saw; they are damn too amazing.

Till now, I have seen twenty-one rewards, and every one of them is amazing and useful to me.

I planned to go through all of them, at least Top 100 hundred of them, before choosing one of them, and that seemed like a monumental task already; as I have said, I want every reward Ive seen till now.

I continue to inspect one reward after another, spending precious few seconds on each one, despite wanting to stare at them for hours.

Suddenly, I stopped as I read the title of one book; there is no info on that book, only the name of title and author, the same information displayed when I touched the information rune.

It is not surprising, the three books Ive come across before were the same. The title of the book said, 'Basic Of Inheritance Designing With Nine Examples (Clear Heart Celestial Method) By Haimdell Vern'

Seeing it, I had stopped, till now, all the books I had read. I have found nothing about Inheritance creation with the Clear Heart Celestial Method specifically, which is one of the Celestial Method.

From what I have read in Her Excellencies notes, there are only seven celestial methods that exist, and the Clear Heart method is of them.

I had created my Inheritance using the formula of my predecessors, who first became powerhouses before they started to create their Inheritance which is, of course, not the right way to create the Inheritance for the hosts of Clear Heart Inheritance; her excellencies also noted that in her notes.

Unlike others who create their Inheritance after becoming a powerhouse, intending to leave the legacy for the future generations.

We, the hosts of Clear Heart Inheritance, create the Inheritance for ourselves and pay the price we have made any mistake in designing it.

Her excellency did not have any step-by-step guide to creating Inheritance through the Clear Heart Method and nor I and now this book in front of me, not only providing the complete guide to it but there are also nine examples.

Till now, I had only seen two Inheritances made by the Celestial Inheritance. The Everwings Inheritance of mysterious winged lady and her excellencies, both of which I did not get to study completely.

But with this book, I will have a chance, and I had nearly picked it up before I stopped myself and immediately moved toward another reward. Some rewards are too enticing that my hands became grabby.

The next two rewards were books too, and they are the same as the book I just saw offering nine examples of inheritances, the only difference the three books have that each of them is about different Celestial Inheritance.

I continued viewing one amazing reward after another, and about two and half a minute later, I finished with the hundred rewards.

There are others nine hundred rewards

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