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Chapter 1673 - Bloodline Furnace

Seeing forty powerful blades coming toward me, I moved my sword to counter them. It may have grown powerful, but I am not slouch either; I would be dammed if I let such an attack hit me.

Clang Clang Clang

My sword begins to clash again; the blade, while surprise sparked in my heart. The Blades have the Bloodline energy; each of the blades is filled with sharp bloodline energy, and one added the bloodline energy of the forty blades; it is a huge amount.

The attacks earlier did not have the Bloodline energy into them; the Antman used all the energy in increasing the speed and strength of the attack, but this time it had ample Bloodline energy, so much that it is bursting out with it.

It is not only Bloodline energy that is coming toward me, but I also found the energy of the potion coming at me with Bloodline Energy, though the amount of it is minute; still, this energy of potion is very powerful.

The potion energy may be surprising but what more surprising is that my runes which suck and convert all the energy that came at is are not eating this energy; instead, they are spreading around themselves.

As my sword clashed against its blades more, more potion energy enter inside me and begin coating my runes further and further.

I am not worried about potion energy harming me, compare to a volcano that is bubbling inside it what is coming at me nothing more than drops; even if my runes had not acted against it, the strength of my body would have been more than enough to deal with this energy.

I just have to be careful, not let too much potion energy come inside, but I don't think I would have to worry about that since the potion energy attacking its bloodline and what came at me are mere scraps.

Thirty seconds passed when another bout of thick bloodline energy came out of it; this bloodline energy, thicker and darker than one, came out previously and merged into the phantom, making it even more vivid.

"Tsunami Of Blades"

It shouted, and tens of blades begin to disappear, leaving only twelve blades; four original and eight made of winds.

The twelve blades came at me in a fury; it is clear that this attack is powerful, much powerful than the attack before, and I moved my sword to meet them while grinning madly.

For such attacks, I had let it do what it wants instead of killing it instantly. I wanted it to get stronger, even more, stronger than it is right now; only then will it give me a challenge.

I do not care whether I would be able to kill it or not once it grew powerful; the only thing I care about fighting till the last drop of my energy, and there is still a huge amount of energy that I had not used yet.

Clang Clang Clang

My sword clashed against the first wave and felt a huge amount of Bloodline energy came, which doubled instantly as my sword clashed with the second blade and tripled as it clashed with the third blade.


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