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"Thud!" the hovercar dropped my backpack and flew away, I looked at as it flew away in the sky.

My backpack is twice as large as last time and twice as heavy, I activated its wheels again and pull toward the big 'Wells' building.

I can't stop smiling as I pulling my backpack, this hunt had been so good, I have hunted five Specialist Grade monster, the minimum I will get selling them is a hundred thousand credits.

just when I am thinking how amazing the adventuring life is, I saw it a harsh reality in front of. a hovercar landed not far from me and three people come out it.

All three of them were bloodied, looked heavily injured but one man had his arm missing, it clearly looked bandaged, it must be chewed or cut by a monster.

They are hurridly walking toward medical bay which specially set for the injured adventurers for immediate care.

This is the harsh reality of adventuring, one day your live and kicking but very next day you might be on stretchers, one has been careful outside not only from monsters but also from fellow humans.

That man's arm is gone but it's not like there are options, magic, and technology are both developed today, he can get prosthetic which can work perfectly as normal arm but he has to goodbye to adventuring.

There is another option in prosthetic, he can get a grade 1 Prothetic type Magical artifact which would be better than a real armor he can buy very very expensive Regeneration potion which could regrow his but it not possible he could afford it.

"How may I help you sir?" said the clerk as soon as I reach the counter, she looked prettier than the clerk that was here last time.

I didn't say anything and start unloading the all the monster materials, soon I unloaded monster parts on the counter including the monster core.

Last time I sold my monster through the exchange center in my apartment building fearing I will not get a good price at bazaar but it was just my misconception.

The shops in the miasta bazaar offered the same price as exchange machines.

The ray of light soon finished scanning all the monster material, "Sir, the store will offer you one hundred nine thousand credits." the clerk said with her usual polite smile.

"Okay, I accept," I said and accepted her offer and next moment the notification rang out on my holowatch.

With the money I got today, I have little more than a hundred and fifty thousand, I am feeling happy having this much money in my account.

I started to walk toward the medical bay as some of my bones were broken.

I entered the med bay flashing my holowatch to door and walk into one of the pod rooms, there is not much medical personnel here and they only check when there is an emergency.

I enter the pod room, the room is small and there is not much except for the big medical pod and hanger for clothes.

I swiftly remove my clothes and enter the pod after flashing my hootch on to it, the pod's door closed and as I la

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