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I didn't have time to enjoy my victory of killing the aqua bull. I can see as slowly bull falling into the ground, the water jet attack from other bull is also midway in the air.

I wanted to dodge that attack but I cant as my body is moving ever so slowly, I can seem to do anything except for moving my body a little by little.

"Bang!" "Thud!" "Crack! thud thud.." many things happened n the second, it feels like time sped up, the body of the ball hit the ground and waterjet from the bull hit me viciously.

I barely able to dodge that attack by my heart but it squarely hit me on my shoulder, cracking my shoulder bone and giving me searing pain but this pain is nothing compared to the one I am feeling now while circulating the 3rd movement of the exercise.

As the attack landed on my shoulder, I had to take a few steps back to diffuse the force, I am not out of danger yet.

The bull that just attacked me is charging toward me with full speed and second bull also attacked me with a water jet and Ashlyn hadn't formed her fireball yet.

"Swish.." the second water jet attack left from its mouth while this time I better condition to dodge the attack but another bull is also coming with its horns toward me.

"Clank!" "thud…" I resist aqua bulls horns with my sword but I had to take a few steps back as the force of attack hard for me to handle.

"Boom!" "Moo!" I heard and then a painful cry of bull rang out, it seems them when the second bull was preparing to attack me with another waterjet, Ashley hit her fireball on its head, disrupting forming a waterjet and blasting it inside its mouth.

The blood is dripping from its mouth, the injury is not heavy but I don't think I able form waterjet before some time.

"Clan Clank..." I many time tried to attack its skull but is no use as it easily deflects with its horns and one bull is not enough, the other bull is also coming toward me with its eyes completely red.

I was little surprised seeing this because I thought taking Ashlyn attack it will angry at her and would disturb me but I was wrong, that bull directly coming toward me with viciousness and madness in its eyes.

"Whoosh" "Clank!" I dodge one bull charge while countering another bullhorn, these bull are clearly very angry and attacking me in frenzy, each and every attack of it forceful that diffuse the force, I have to take many steps back.

"Boom!" Ashlyn again attacks with a fireball to some bull making it angrier, I have been barely able to dodge it's, it is good though, anger will dull it's instant and when I get chance, I will give it a fatal blow.

"Sizzle slice!" "MOO!" my flaming sword cut across the bulls back, making a sizzling noise and drawing out blood but this movie hadn't come free, that charging bulls horn left a centimeter deep wound in my back.

The bull in a frenzy is very dangerous, they are stupid but their frenzy makes up for their stupidity as their attack become faster and stronge

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